Thursday 6/17/10



5 Rounds for time

Run 400 m
21 Kettlebell Swings (53/ 35)

(Post rounds to comments)

Image of James OPT Fitzgerald courtesy of


Jason said...

Interesting. I really like the simplicity. Sweet little couplets.

Jason said...

For the record, I'm convinced that Evan let me win this morning.

Jason said...

C'mon out CrossFitters! Morning workouts area great start to your day and are a test of the CrossFit philosophy to perform whenever it is necessary.

Evan said...

I hear those AM people are a bunch of die-hards ... they scary me!

Jason said...

Be not afraid! We're a bunch of lovable, harmless, caring people who only want everyone to experience their full potential.

Jason said...

By the way, there's what I believe is a new CrossFit box down here on NY Ave across from the DC Convention Center called Diistrict CrossFit. It's a nice looking space.

Evan said...

Yup. Kristy Philips is listed among their training staff. I think she trains at multiple boxes.

T said...

Yeah I saw that place today when I was downtown... Looks like a decent place, of course, not nearly the awesomeness of diesel!

Evan said...

Jason 13:42
Evan 13:46
Steve 13:53
Tyler 13:57
John M 13:58
Dan 14:43
Keith - 15:35
Kristian - 15:57
Mike G - 16:45
Mike B - 19:05 (50#)
Vinu 16:48 (35#)
Eric - 15:57(30#)
Mike T - Data TBA soon*

Lindsay - 15:21 (26.5#)
Rachel 18:48 (26.5-18#)
Renata 18:49 (18#)
Kelly - 16:21 (200m, 18#)

Anita - 19:16 (15x95# Back Squat)

*Sorry Mike, the data was cut off in the photo. I'll update this page tomorrow :-(

Mike T said...

Mike T 18:08 (35#)