Monday 6/14/10




6 Push-Ups
9 Sit-Ups

(Post rounds to comments)

What a great Olympic Lifting Cert! Some Diesel Athletes with Coach Josh Everett and Coach Kirk Woolfolk.


Jason said...

How is Elizabeth intended to be performed? With a ful squatl clean (which I would assume since it is not written as power clean) or is it to be completed as quickly as possible no matter what you have to do to clean it?

Evan said...

It is intended as a squat clean, according to this video -

Power Elizabeth (Greg A.)

That said - Power Elizabeth is a clearly phenomenal workout and completely worth doing. I highly recommend it to anyone on a future fight with Elizabeth.

Steve H said...

Hook grip or burpees, your choice!

Mandi said...


Steve H said...

Found this site about taping up hand tears from the web. Should help protect from tearing already open spots.

Cain said...

The skin rips are good now, but I had homework tonight. I didn't do anything all weekend EXCEPT BERGENER WARM UPS AND SKILL TRANSFER DRILLS. What an awesome weekend! That was the coolest weekend long event ever. It was physically demanding (how many jumps into full squats?) and very technical, and I was surrounded by top notch CrossFitters.

Cain said...

I found that link, it ends in BigTapeGrip.jpg... everyone should check it out. Good call Steve.

Evan said...

Mike G - 25+6
Sean - 23+6
John M - 22+5
Derek - 19+11
Jason - 19+10
Tyler - 19
Pat - 18+5
Steve - 18+1
Keith - 17+13
Dan - 15+5
Kristian - 13+2
Vv - 13
Matt - 11+9
John H 16+2 (6+2 knee)
Bryan - 8+4

Deb - 11+6
Audrey - 13 (9 on knee)
Lori - 9+6 (8+6 on knee)
Anita - 7+3 (tire)
Lindsay - 15+14 (knee)
Amee - 15 (knee)
Julie - 13+11 (knee)
Leslie - 12+3 (knee)
Liz - 7+5 (knee)

Mandi 14
Evan 18+13

Jamison Peter Hibbard said...