Saturday 5/15/10



150 Wallball shots for time

Compare to 1/15/10

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L said...

Getting ready to limp for next 4-5 days.

Mandi said...

Sweet! Way to go die-hards.

T said...

Jason, where is this taqueria?

Evan said...

Is that the street vendor, at the corner of Gerwig and Berger?

Evan said...

Brian - 9:55
Steve - 10:28
Dan - 11:40 PR!
Jason - 12:00
Keith - 14:00 PR!
Oliver - 14:39
Donte - 9:09 (15 ROM)

Anita - 9:12 (10#)
Sujata - 16:04 (10#)
Kim - 14:54 (10# ROM)
Renata - 7:51 (50 reps, 10# ROMx2)

Mandi - 17:00 Gym Record!
Evan - 11:30 ish (some top Rom)

Mandi said...

Sweet, do you know Kristoffer Smith?

Brian Cohee said...

I was hoping someone had seen the picture as well... though I don't know him either.

Karen is killing me today, I wasn't expecting to be hobbling like this.

Oh, I am trying to bring my wife on Monday or Tuesday, if the bring a friend deal is still on... Hope the WOD is good!

L said...

Karen was not as bad to me this time. Still made it to the summit of Old Rag today. My quads were on fire, just tapping them makes them hurt. I hope there are NO squats tomorrow.

Evan said...

The WOD is always good, Brian - Bring her in, We'd love to meet her!

Jamison Peter Hibbard said...