Tuesday 4/6/10



Weighted Pull-Ups


(Post loads to comments)

Compare to 10/29/09 or 6/9/09


K said...

Minor note-- we last did weighted pullups on 29 Oct 09.


...and I'm fired up about Tuesday.

Evan said...

Oops! I'll go add that - good catch Keith!

Steve H said...

If this is the regular WOD, it makes me wonder how interesting our first Strongman session could be this evening. Weighted handstand pushups? Fireman Carries? Telephone Pole Runs? Zodiac Overhead Squats? My imagination is beginning to run wild....

On that note, John I know you'll get this one..."Unleash the fury Mitch...UNLEASH THE FURY!!!!!" - Name the movie.

Unknown said...

For the record, the "University of Austin," aka The University of Texas, dorms look nothing like that. "Did you kill a cheetah?"

Julie said...

So how would one scale a weighted pull up when one is still working up to a band-assisted pull up...?

Unknown said...

Steve, I found the Strongman WOD: Olga. :)

3 rounds for time of:

200-meter log carry (165 lb.)
10 log squats (165 lb.)
10 weighted sit-ups (165-lb. plate)
10 push presses (100-lb. atlas stone)
1 rope ascent (17 feet)

Michael said...

This is going to be awesome.

Mandi said...

On-Ramp class

Complete for time:
200 meter run
15,12, 9 squats, push-ups, body row
200 meter run

Jess 5:35
Michael 6:31

Evan said...

Ordered by Gender > Load > Alphabetical

Steve - 105# PR/ Gym Record!
Mike G - 100# (PR for Overhand Grip)
Keith - 75# PR!
John M - 75# PR!
Sean - 75# PR!
Tyler - 75# PR!
Dillon - 60# pr?
Matt - 60# PR! Then Griff - 14:05)
Kristian - 55#
Pat - 50# PR! (then Griff - 10:59)
Mike T - 35# PR!
Andrew - 22.5# pr?

Susan - 65# PR/ Gym Record!
Mandi - 25# PR!
Lindsay - 15# PR!
Meghan - 10# PR!
Robin - 7.5# PR!
Molly - 5 PR! (Red Kipping)
Deb - 1 PR! (Red Kipping)
Anita - 1 PR! (Blue Kipping)
Julie - 3 PR! (Black Band)

Evan said...

I'll have to sneak this WOD in myself some time soon. You guys did awesome!

Dan Hook said...

Dan - 75# PR

Mandi said...

Sorry Dan...it was hidden on the white board.

Julie said...

I think, technically, 1 black band pull up is a PR for me. :) But I'll take 3.