Thursday 3/4/10




Double Unders

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Compare to 1/7/10

NOTE: The 7pm Gymnastics class starts tonight! Additionally, the 7am class on Tuesday and Thursday mornings in open.


Michael said...

Can you tell us more about the gymnastics class?

Evan said...


Participants will be introduced to a new movement vocabulary coming to us from the Gymnastics strength and conditioning realm.

Progressions will be taught for:
- Advanced static holds, such as Levers & Planche's
- Basic tumbling will be introduced
- Advanced stretching technique and theory
- Basic Parkour
- Varients of moves we know; like Pistols, dips, pull-ups, muscle ups, L-sits & HSPU's will be taught and drilled regularly

The end goal of this class is to advance the gymnastic capacities of the participants. I am confident that many will reach levels of gymnastics proficiency, equal to or exceeding that of some of the best CrossFit Games competitors.

Unknown said...

Jason, you had me worried. I thought we were gonna have to amputate...

Unknown said...

Maybe if you'd stop taking my weights, I'd have something to lift!

Unknown said...

Oh no, Jason FTW!

Unknown said...

FTW=For The Win

There are some pretty good definitions on Urban Dictionary, but I'm pretty sure you can't access those at work. I was like, "He just pulled out the 10 General Fitness Components to justify pulling a Debo on my 5# plates." Well played sir, well played.

Evan said...

Stephanie 6:56 (Gym Record)
Mandi 8:48 PR
Kristian 9:06 PR
Evan 9:29 PR
Tyler 9:36 PR
Brian 10:10 PR
John H 10:11 (1/2 DU)
John M 10:24 (1/2 DU)
Keith 11:02 (1/2 DU)
Mike G 13:30 (1/2 DU)
Julie 10:23 (1/2 DU & Sit-Up + 50 Sit-ups)

Probably more PR's - Just not noted on the board.

Evan said...

Sujata - 8:04 PR (3x Singles)