Monday 3/15/10


"Back in Line"

For Time:

500 m Row
50 Double Unders
40 Wallball (20/ 15#)
30 Burpees
20 Knee to Elbow

Rest 3 minutes - Get back in line & do it again.

(Post times for Round 1, 2 & Total)

Photo by Anita


Jason said...

Oof. Sometimes I wish you weren't so creative.

K said...

In the spirit of the 'Real Men of Genius' commercials:

Today we salute Mr. Inverted-Tripod-Holding Guy. Check out those gams! That kind of physique takes *years* of work-- especially on the HSPU negatives. Like so many good ideas, you too have a hard time getting off the ground. (background singer: I actually liked that 'New Coke' stuff!) So onward and ... still-ward, you pale pillar of the gym. Maybe next time you'll grab an abmat.

Mandi said...


T said...

is this AMRAP ?

Julie said...

Good golly.

Evan said...

Nope, just the 2 rounds T - At least, that's what I intended.

On the 2nd read, I suppose that the workout would cycle indefinitely, since no true end had been dictated.

Evan said...

And K, I will be singing the praises and salutations of Mr. Tripod Holding Guy all day.

Best use of the word 'gams' since 1940's film noir.

Unknown said...

If anybody is interested, there will be a CF Endurance cert on April 24-25th down in Fredericksburg, VA.

Jason said...

First of all, K, very funny. Slightly more creative than Evan's WOD creation for the day.

Secondly, that was one of those workouts that leaves you feeling really good after about 30 minutes of recovery. I feel great.


Real Men of Genius

My favorite always has been Chinese Food Deliery Guy, and personally, I liked it when prior to 9/11 the campaign was still called Real American Heroes.

Jason said...

Evan, just before 1:30 into this video are some Toes-to-bar that I was talking about. There seems to be alot of control on the eccentric that transfers into a quick arch and snap back up, but there isn't much swing goin on. It's like the same kind of control, but to a higher degree, that allows one to stop a kip swing.

Josh Everett at Arnold Classic

Evan said...

Just hoped up on the home Pull-Up bar and that TtB cycle feels really easy.

Me likey :)

Jason said...

Yeah, I only wish I had the core strength to control it like that.

Unknown said...

Evan, I hate you. :)

T said...

Evan, while I cannot say I hate you, I may believe that you are the spawn of some sort of demon... not sure.

Mandi said...

Great work everyone on a crazy hard & fun WOD.
These times are listed in alphabetical order as the scales were great and wide. Way to "bring it" Crossfit Diesel Community!

Dan 18:05, 21:00 = 39:05
Dillon 15:43, 19:00 = 34:43
Donte 15:02, 16:02 = 31:04
Evan 15:23, 16:39 = 32:02
Jason 17:55, 21:01 = 38:56
John H. 15:59, 17:28 = 33:27
John M. 15:01, 15:56 = 30:57
Keith 16:44. 16:37 = 36:07
Matt 20:40, 18:21 = 39:01
Oliver 14:39, 17:36 = 32:15
Steve 15:50, 18:06 = 33:56
T 15:59, 18:04 = 34:03
Todd 14:17, 14:11 = 28:28

Anita 11:56, 13:25 = 25:21
Julie 13:17, 14:48 = 28:05
Kim 7:20, 7:25 = 14:45
Molly 12:16, 17:18 = 29:38
Susan 14:36, 15:35 = 30:11

Unknown said...

The video of Back In Line is complete, however Facebook is trying to hit me with a Copyright infringement. I'll get the video to Mandi or Evan at today's WOD if anybody wants to see it.