Tuesday 11/17/09


5 Rounds for time:

400 m Run
21 Kettlebell Swing (53/ 35#)
21 Box Jumps (24/ 20")

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Photo courtesy of CrossFit.com


Mandi said...

Congrat's Jason!

Pat said...

Ok, you've seen Nelson's Fat Ass posted on the whiteboard at CFD, but what the heck is a FA?

It began in fall of 1978, when Joe Oates needed a 50 mile qualifying time to enter the Western States 100 (arguably one of the most prestigious ultra running races in the world). He explains: "There were no 50 mile races in the Bay area at that time of year. "There was, however, a seven-person relay race, on the Pacific Coast highway from Half-moon Bay to Santa Cruz. Race offi cials would not let me enter as an indi vidual, so I sent in an entry with seven different names: Joe Oakes, Joseph Oakes, J. Oakes, etc. You get the idea."

Oakes qualified for Western States, going on to earn his buckle. The seeds had been sown however, for Fat Ass races. "We decided to put on our own low-key race around the holidays after that," says Oakes. 'Things layoff around the holidays, so that's how we came up with the name. It was kind of a macho thing, all for fun." The spirit of the Fat Ass races is what really matters to Oakes. "There is so much greed and so much money in sports these days," says Oakes, adding, "there is not a nickel involved in any of these events. You just show up and run. It's very simple."

Kind of reminds of the CF-spirit in that you show up, lift heavy weights very fast, and go home. There isn't much frill to working out in a warehouse, but god, I love it!

Nelson's Fat Ass will run the first Saturday after New Years at 8AM. Meet at the docks of Lake Elkhorn. You do your own timing, there are no aid stations, but the winner does get a homemade apple pie. See you all there!!

Pat said...

Jason- You might be on to something.

Evan- i have a great idea for the WOD on Jan 2 :)

Evan said...

We have such a great crew :)

Pat said...

Oh just so there is no confusion, it's not a 50 MILE race. It's only 50 km, which is waaay shorter.

Evan said...

Pat - 17:55
Rich - 19:04
Jason - 22:17
Steve - 23:45
Matt - 24:39
Dan H. - 25:20

Meghan - 23:48
Anita - 24:05 (30#)
Molly - 23:27 (Row, 26#)

Evan said...

Hmmm, decisions, decisions ...