Friday 10/30/09




Double Unders
Kettlebell Swing (1.5/1 pood)

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REMINDER: Saturday's 9am class will not take place due to the Halloween party in the evening.


T said...

This seems like a very angry version of "Annie".... Jason, you gotta stop giving Evan ideas...

jacksbadassgoat said...

I think I will do last night's tonight. I am going on a zombie shamble bar crawl tonight as well, which should be sweet, and remarkably appropriate as I can hardly walk following those front squats from the other night.

Unknown said...

i cant do double unders, what is the scale?

Pat said...

I'd be lying if I said I didn't say I'm a little disappointed that there's no CFD tom.

Mandi said...

Sorry Pat :(
No more schedule changes for a while.

Evan said...

"Angry Annie" (good name T!)

Rich - 11:54
Tyler - 18:47
Colin - 18:47 (35#)
Matt - 21:54 (Doubles, 2x singles)
Sean - 17:47 (2x singles)
Keith - 12:55 (35#, 2x singles)
John - 12:15 (35/30#, 2x singles)
Kevin - 15:31 (35/18#, 2x singles)

Mandi - 13:36 (26.5#)
Lindsay - 14:44 (26.5/ 18#)
Meghan - 12:40 (2x singles)
Molly - 13:29 (26.5#, 2x singles)

Intro Class: WOD 12
Mark - 9:59 (Push-Ups/ Knee Push-Ups)
Eric - 9:54 (ROM on Squat)