Friday 9/4/09



3 Rounds for time:

400 Meter Run
21 Hanging Power Clean (#115 M, #75 W)
12 Knee to Elbow

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Evan said...


Fantastic numbers! I love it when CrossFiters get tested buy medical professionals. Generally, the data is phenomenal and the questions ensue.

... "is CrossFit Diesel a real place" ... I guess he'll have to come in and find out!

Dan Hook said...

I didn't know resting heart rate could even go as low as 40. Impressive.

I just had a physical recently, and my RHR was down to 60 after typically being in the 70s. It's amazing what three months of constantly varied, functional movement performed at high intensity can do.

Steve H said...

Might have to miss Jackie tomorrow morning, winshield repair guy is due to come by between 8a-12p. Let's hope it's at 8am sharp, gotta beat the last Jackie time.

Pat said...

Jackie tomorrow? Bitter I used my 3x up this week already! That would have been a fun one.

Mandi said...

Great Number's everyone:

Jason 12:26
Maggie 16:35
Evan 17:25
Steve 18:08

Scaled or Varied:
Audra (#60, short ROM KtoE) 14:16
Dan H (#95) 18:48
Tyler (#95 for 2nd & 3rd rounds, short ROM KtoE) 20:34

Mandi said...

Intro Class WOD:
5 Rounds
7 Wall Ball
7 Push-ups
7 Rope Climb Scales

John 7:38 (#15, knee pu's, knee scales)
Crystal 10:38 (#10, knee pu's, knee & hip scales)
Keith 10:41 (#15, knee scales)
Anita 11:08 (#10, mat pu's, knee & hip scales)
Molly 11:28 (#10, knee pu's, knee scales)
Mark 14:30 (#15, plank scales)