Tuesday 6/9/09



Weighted Pull-Ups


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Weighted Pullup Variations...[wmv][mov]
Video courtesy of CrossFit.com


Cameron S(imple) said...

Cameron S, star of cross-fit diesel. I will be signing autographs today, for those interested.

Cameron said...

Too bad I have to miss todays WOD!! How much are these autographs going for on eBay?? Maybe I can get a raincheck...

Cameron said...

Evan, was this you with the 67% improvement after completing the cert?


jacksbadassgoat said...

MMM, I smell some competition on this one...

Evan said...

Good find Cameron!

Yes, that is me. Coach Bennie wrote on his sight "Every one of the 25 participants had really great improvements in their run technique with a 67% 24 hour improvement by one fella."

Well, that fella is me - I'm happy to say. The cert was phenomenal, and I couldn't be happier with the improvement in my technique! Thanks Brian & Bennie!

(If you squint really hard, look at the center guy in the red shorts - then go two guys over, and that's me - Grey shorts, navy top with light blue text)

Now for the next "Where's Waldo" moment - Who's heard the 5+ second snippet of me on CrossFit Radio? I haven't, but have been told it's out there.

jacksbadassgoat said...


jacksbadassgoat said...

Any numbers Evan?

Evan said...

Numbers are coming - It's been (and is still) a very busy week. I think they'll be up later tonight (Wednesday).

Evan said...

Okay, these numbers are from memory. I'll correct any errors once I find my notes (or if you point them out):

Jason 40-50-60-70-80-95-100
Doug 30-40-50-60x-55-55-60x
Dan P. 15-20-25-30-35-37.5-40
Susan 10-15-20-22.5-25-27.5-30
Maggie 5-8-10-12-15-20x-17.5
Dan H. 5-8-10-12x-10x-5x-BW
Pat Green Band 1,1 -Blue Band 1,1 -Red Band 1,1 -BW x, -Blue Band (3-4 reps)2 sets