Tuesday 5/5/09



3 Rounds for time:

21 Waiters Lunges (35#m, 25#w)
15 ft, Rope Climb, 3 ascents

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Compare to 4/3/09
"Greg Amundson had to commit to daily practice to develop a sound
overhead squat." Neither Rome, nor Greg A., where built in a day.

Power Elizabeth (Greg A.)...[wmv][mov]
Photo & Video courtesy of crossfit.com

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Cameron said...

35# db, no full ascents. I opted not to until I can work on my descent. I feel like I can climb up the rope pretty easily, just getting down takes too much time and energy. I did 9 scaled ascents/round instead.

Meghan really enjoyed it last night. She definitely wants to come back. Thanks for coaching her through it!

Evan said...

Thanks for the reminder Jason. And congratulations on the PR today!


Jason - 6:58 (PR by ~8:27)
Cameron S. - 8:22


Susan - 9:59 (4 full ascents 5 scaled)
Cameron G. - 7:30 (scaled ascents)
Meghan - 7:50 (20#/15# db, scaled ascents)