Thursday 12/1/11




Sumo Deadlift Highpull (#95/#65)
Ring Dips

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Today we would like to say Thank You to our awesome coaching staff! You rock and we could not do it with out you!

Additionally, welcome Susan to the Crossfit Diesel coaching Team. Click here and scroll down to see her bio.


skeeler said...

Congratulations, Susan. I look forward to taking a class from you.

RachelRose said...

Yeah Susan! Your (informal when you're my lifting partner) coaching has always taught me a lot, and I know you will teach many more people. Your experience is so tremendous, you are an awesome addition to the CFD coaching team. Congrats and I ditto Mike, can't wait to take a class from you.

Teresa said...

It's about time! This is just the formal start, as you are already a coach in my eyes. I LOVE lifting with you. You have a great eye and the ability give really helpful cues to help athletes make necessary adjustments to improve. We are so blessed to have you.

Mandi said...


AJ 3:09
Bill 3:35
Whitney 5:08 (8 no band,purple band)

Jason said...

Man jogging in gas mask and body armor sets off panic...

I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! Before I even read the article, when I saw the headline I knew it was a crossfitter!

Evan said...

5:00 PM

Matt A. 3:16
Teresa 3:29
Kirk 4:04
Steve H 4:17
Dan H 5:42
Josh S 6:21
Mike S 7:00

Rache L 4:42 (red)
Rachel M 5:15 (red)
Tony B 8:00 (blue)
Kevin F 5:09 (85#, red)
Cami 6:42 (55#, Blue)
Hilary 7:13 (??#, green to Tri-dip)

Mandi said...


Donte 5:27 (purple)
Kim 6:07 (#55, red)
Hoi Yee 7:09 (31 w/o band, purple)
Mandi 7:09 (small green)
Sujata 7:33 (#55Pclean, red)
Shannon 8:04 (red)
Josh B 8:42 (unassist-small green)
Irene 9:14 (#45, blue)
Mike B 10:03 (small green, rom)
Yvette 12:13 (10 w/o band, purple)

Mandi said...

7:00 PM Rookies

Hoi Yee 12/12/9 @ 55
Yvette 53x15 / 53x12 / 73x9
Jay G 45x15 / 50x12 / 55x9
Sam 15/12br/9 @ 93#
Bryan C 15/12/9 @ 95#
Jesse S 9/7/5 @ 115#
Jamison 15/5/9 @ 125#
Yoriy 15/12/9 @ 95#

Steve H said...

That is hilarious. Definitely a crossfitter. I'm kind of curious about the high-altitude training masks. Something to look into...