Thursday 10/27/11



21-15-9 for time of:
Box Jump

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Yvette said...

That's me in green :) my goodness where is my neck ?

Evan said...


AJ 8:27
Whitney 13:24 (24",Ring Dip-Purple)
Jason 12:43 (purple)

Jason H said...

For those curious about how body fat scales work and a few reasons why Mandi has us do them pre-workout, check out this article.

Body Fat Scales

skeeler said...

Oh why do you keep having fun WODs when I'm sick and can't go?

RachelRose said...

Mike, if ur better tomorrow come to open gym, we can get all the fun WODs done then :) hope u feel better soon, lots of fluids and sleep...

Evan said...

Sorry that I didn't post, Mandi.

If you don't erase 5:00 pm, I'll post there data tomorrow.

My Bad :-(

Steve H said...
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Steve H said...

Team Diesel,

For those who are participating in Movember here's the link to join our Diesel group. Invite your friends to sign up and join the cause.

Mandi said...

Rookies - "Face-Off"
AMRAP 12min.
30sec thrusters (75/55)
30sec sumodeadlift highpull (75/55)
1min rest

Whitney 80/74
Yvette 77/69
Yoriy 48/54 (#55)
Amy 45/50
Mike P 44/47
Michael B 42/49 (#65)
Brad 39/38 (#55)

Mandi said...

Steve 6:50
Teresa 6:51 (24")
Rachel M 10:46 (purple PU's,red)
Rachel L 10:51 (red)
Kevin 11:18 (red)
Vinu 11:46 (red)

T 6:14
Josh 8:07 (red)
Susan 8:42
Jamison 10:50 (red)
Mike T 11:16 (red,purple)
Jesse 11:20 (red)
Jason S 11:40
Kim 11:59 (red)
Yvette 12:40 (red)
Sujata 12:49 (free-breige PU, red)
Hilary 14:06 (12", green-jumpingPU, blue-box)