Tuesday 10/25/11


3 Rounds for time

500 M Row
21 Burpees
7 Handstand Push-Ups

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Jason, just before a 130# Turkish Get Up


RachelRose said...

Is anyone else finding their spouses setting them up to try and make this nutrition challenge more challenging... Cain pulled a funny move tonight and said "I'm going outside now, if I come back and there are no donuts in that bag don't worry, I don't know anything, I won't tell Mandi." Seriously? I don't even eat donuts. T I hope this post makes you laugh.

Teresa said...

7am Rookies
AMRAP 10 min
10 WB
10 KBS
Rachel M. 8 rnds + 3 (14#/1 pood)
Dipti 5 rnds (10#/8', 26#)

Mandi said...

hahaha......seriously, why didn't he try chocolate and wine?

Rachel said...

Hey everyone, A group of us are planning on going climbing at EarthTreks in Columbia on Sunday around 1 pm! The more the merrier, so let me or Yvette know if you'd like to join!


Mandi said...


AJ 12:08
Teresa 12:28
Dan 15:46 (1abmat)
Jason H 15:09 (2abmat)
Rachel L 16:34 (2abmat)
Jim 17:06 (green bands)
Mike P 17:32 (wall-facing rom)
Matt 17:45


Tyler 14:07
Kevin H 14:54 (2plates+1abmat)
Yvette 15:10 (1abmat)
Chris 17:01 (wall-facing)
Amy 17:20 (2 abmat)
Donte 18:08 (wall-facing,2abmat)
Kim 19:06 (2 abmat)
Mike T 22:16 (7@#35/14@#30)

T said...

Josh 16:33 (1abmat)
Susan 11:48
Whitney 11:58 (1abmat)

Great job 7's!!!