Wednesday 10/19/11




Thrusters (95/ 65#)

Compare to: 6/27/11

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skeeler said...

For the record, I totally called this one.

Mandi said...

Did people who ordered shirts for the "31 Heroes" event get them? Please let me know and I will contact them. Thanks.

RachelRose said...

Dan I just tried to register for the Zoo Zoom and it's already full! Wild! I hope you already registered. I was thinking maybe I'll just have to go dressed like an animal and cheer on the runners... are Elizabeth and Sophie doing the 'family walk and kid's fun run'?

Mandi said...

cute Rachel! I have a great snow-woman costume...does that count?

Rachel said...

Mandi I didn't recieve a "31 heroes" shirt. I'm assuming that you haven't received them at the gym yet.

RachelRose said...

I think that counts Mandi, would you skip around the Zoo with me cheering on runners that day? (Maybe the snow-woman is a white bear?...)

RachelRose said...

I should say 'that morning'. It's Sunday November 20th at 8:30am. I hope Dan got in.

Teresa said...

I also registered online for 31 Heroes and have not received my shirt yet. I got an email a little over a week ago that indicated they would all be shipped out by Oct 15. No update since then though.

Mike said...

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Evan said...

"31 Heroes" Shirts just came in

Evan said...

5:00 PM

AJ 4:34 PR!
Steve H 5:42 PR!
Mike G 5:48
Mike S 6:06 PR
Dan H 7:48 PR!
Josh 9:51
Mandi 8:18 (55#)
Vinu 8:58 (75#) PR!
Kevin 9:23 (75#)
Rachel L 10:35 (Pull-Up - Purple)
Sean 11:39 (75#, Green - Jumping)
Mike P 9:30 (75-55#, Blue-green, ROM)

Mandi said...

6:00 PM

Tyler 5:12
Susan 5:32 :)
Jamison 7:18 PR!
Jason H 9:03 PR
Chris 9:36
Jesse 10:18
Yvette 10:25
Mike R 10:59
Shannon 11:03 (55# ROM, Purple)
Amy 8:15 (45#, Green)
Jay 8:31 (35#, to bench, B.Row)

T said...


Whitney 5:26 PR!
Rachel M 8:51 (prpl) PR!
Katherine 6:52 (20#, body row)
Mark G. 12:24 RX!
Sarah 10:55 RX!

Dan Hook said...

Rachel, I'm registered and Elizabeth and Sophie are doing the fun run/walk/toddler carry. That stinks that it's already full. I heard that they were only allowing 500 runners, but I still didn't think it would fill up that fast.

RachelRose said...

I love this picture of Teresa. Is that her champion face? She looks happy.

Evan said...

Yup, Rachel.

That is the 'OMG I WON!' moment.

... So cool to get to see.