Saturday 10/15/11



Five rounds for time of:
20 Toes to bar
5 Push Jerk (choose your load)

Post time to comments

Special Events
Crossfit Diesel's first ever Nutrition Challenge will begin on Monday 10/17/11! Information and registration is posted on the bulletin board. Sign up this week.
It may not be pretty but the information is up. Please click here for more detailed information.

Endurance Class
Please check comments for details.


skeeler said...

Any suggestions for load? Something pretty heavy, given the small number of reps, I'd guess.

Evan said...

Maybe your 1-RM Strict-Press?

... Just thinking outloud.

Chris said...


I would like a parralette set.


Mandi said...

Happy Birthday Rachel M!

Mandi said...

No problem, we will add your name Chris.

Steve H said...
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Steve H said...

9am Class

Susan 9:54 (#95)
Dan H 13:14 (#115)
AJ S 13:38 (#135)
Brian C 15:12 (#155)
Lauren C 16:40 (#83)
Donte 17:50 (#135)
Vinu 18:38 (#135)
Josh 19:38 (#115)
Hilary 11:30 (#75; floor t-b)

Steve H said...

10am Rookies
Floor Press

Josh DL:#200/FP:#155
Amy DL:#135/FP:#80(3)
Shilpa DL:#115/FP:#55
Mike was here
Pallav was here
Hil was here

Sujata said...

Rachel - A very Happy Birthday to you! Hope you're out and about celebrating in a big way!!

RachelRose said...

Chris that's great, anyone else interested there is still one last available set, just post it. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Mike said...

For anyone that is interested, I will be hosting a Financial Course at my house starting Wednesday October 26th at 6 pm. It is a 13 week long course. The course materials are $99 but for the first class free. The topic covered are:

Relating with Money
Cash Flow Planning
Dumping Debt
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Cost Cutting Strategies
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Let me know if your interested in coming.

Mike T

Teresa said...

9:24 (115#)

Brian Cohee said...

Sunday Endurance WOD 8AM

Meet at the Hammond High School Track

8800 Guilford Road, Columbia, Maryland 21046

The workout will be:
Track intervals at 90-100%

100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 400m, 200m, 100m
3min rest between sets

See you there!

skeeler said...

Did you guys clean from the floor each round, or were racks allowed?

jshish8 said...

From the floor

Brian Cohee said...

Endurance WOD:

100m 200m 400m 800m 400m 200m 100m
Josh 14 33 76 3:32 83 32 15
Lauren 17 42 1:26PR 3:43 1:35 43 17
Susan 16 41 2:04 4:20 1:54 42 16

Great work out there today!

skeeler said...

I did this one at home today (Sunday): 11:09 (145 lb)