Saturday 8/20/11



3 Rounds for Time:

30 Wallball (20/14#)
100' Walking Lunges
10 Power Clean (135/95#)

Compare to 2/24/09

When: 8am
Where: Please check the comments for location!
What: come and find out!

Live Streaming and Results from the 2011 Raw Powerlifting Nationals


Brian Cohee said...

Here is the endurance WOD posting from yesterday. For those interested, please post so we have a concept of what numbers to expect on Sunday.

Thank you!


Meet at Supreme Sports Club (columbia association gym located at the corner of Snowden parkway and Carved Stone/Berger Road- just blocks from Diesel) at 0750 on Sunday.

Attending this class will cost an additional $7 for non-CA members, please bring cash.


We will have two groups:

1): a limited swimming ability group which will mostly be taught a swim lesson

2): a moderate-high skill group that will get some teaching, some swimming, and a x-fit style swim workout:

5 rounds for time:
100m swim, scale depending on skill level
30 seconds tread water with arms held over head - completely up is Rx'd, foot motion is up to the athlete
15 Pushups

Anticipate class going a little beyond 0900, probably around 0930 by the time all is completed.

jshish8 said...

Can't make the 9am so I did this one at home with one substitution.
30 thrusters ( 20# dumbbells + 30# vest)
100' lunges
10 PC (135)


RachelRose said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MANDI! From everyone at CrossFit Diesel, hope you and Teresa are having a blast and we wish you a terrific, delicious, spontaneous and FUN birthday :)

Cain said...

Rachel Rose... Poster girl for CrossFit. Send her to HQ!

Evan said...

Whitney 15:12
Rachel M. 13:35 (85#)
Yvette 13:39 (75#)
Shannon 16:42 (70#)
Vinu ??:?? 105(or 115)* (rom)
Hilary 21:11

Vinu, I thought you had 115# on the bar.

Evan said...

Rachel, It has been requested that we send you to HQ. Get your travel bag ready! ... Or is HQ virtual ... do you need a travel bag for virtual vacations?

Evan said...

Rookies - WOD 1.2
- Ring P-U, Handstand

Katie 5+18 (Kick)
Bobby C 4 (Kick)
Anansa 4+17 (Kick 1 & 2 leg)
Dominic 8+10 (walk & Kick)
Ben S 8+13 (walk & 1 leg kick)
Mike T 5+12 (walk)

RachelRose said...

I actually do have this week off... with no plans for travel. HQ here I come :) Oh wait, I need directions...

Anonymous said...

Brian, sorry that I won't be at the endurance class on Sunday. I'll actually be participating" in the 2011 Iron Girl Triathlon. Hope my swimming is 'up to par".

Thanks for the confidence in my running last week. I'll be remembering that during my race tomorrow!

RachelRose said...

Good luck tomorrow in the Iron Girl event Sheila and Yvette!! We will be thinkin' of ya!!

Yvette said...

Thanks Rachel :)
Sheila you're gonna do awesome and crush your Celebration time from earlier in the season. I hope I see you out there on the coarse.

Vinu said...

Evan your right! 19:23 was time. Darn wallball.

Teresa said...

On Sunday:
11:13 (WB to 10' target, 105#)