Friday 8/19/11




Deadlift (225/ 155#)

Compare to 6/19/09

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Good luck at Powerlifting Nationals Susan!


Cain said...

Yeah go Susan!!!! Rock it like you always do :)

RachelRose said...

That was me, but Cain says to kill it too!

Dan Hook said...

Go Susan!

Dan Hook said...

This WOD is a blast from the past. I'm thinking this will probably be a PR for me.

Brian Cohee said...


Meet at Supreme Sports Club (columbia association gym located at the corner of Snowden parkway and Carved Stone/Berger Road- just blocks from Diesel) at 0750 on Sunday.

Attending this class will cost an additional $7 for non-CA members, please bring cash.


We will have two groups:

1): a very limited skill group which will mostly be taught a swim lesson

2): a moderate-high skill group that will get some teaching, some swimming, and a x-fit style swim workout:

5 rounds for time:
100m swim, scale depending on skill level
30 seconds tread water with arms held over head - completely up is Rx'd, foot motion is up to the athlete
15 Pushups

Anticipate class going a little beyond 0900, probably around 0930 by the time all is completed.

Jamison Peter Hibbard said...

Go Susan!

This WOD is a blast from the past.

Mike said...

Go get them Susan.

Did anyone see this the face off of Dave Lipson and Josh Evertt for Isabel, if not you should check it out.

T said...


Donte 6:27 RX
Vinu 9:36 (205#,BarFacingBurpee)
Kim 11:19 (125#)

Great job gang, killer times, mod's and weights all around!!

The Etruscan said...

Sunday's WOD looks fantastic. Sad to have left right when the endurance WODs got started.

Steve H said...

5pm Class

AJ - 6:39
Dan H - 7:27 PR
Ben S - 7:28 (190#)
Kevin - 11:42 (175#)
Ian - 15:47 Grindin' it out Award!

Steve H - 9:50 (NotWithClass)

Steve H said...

6pm Class

T - 4:49 GR
Jason S - 5:00
Jamison - 5:58
Luke - 6:23 (185#)
Hoi Yee - 7:40
Yvette - 8:00
Shannon 9:25 (135#)
Irene - 9:42 (83#)

RachelRose said...

15:45 rx at open gym. Terrible time score (alone after a long day and with no one to race after), but I'm just glad I did it!! Woo hoo!

T said...

Yvette - 127.5 Jerk <--On the Board!!

Hilary said...

At home with dumbbells (2x 50lb): 15:50
Ditto what Rachel said. Just glad I got it done.

RachelRose said...

Awesome job Hilary!! Way to get it done.
Yvette you are a monster, I LOVE IT! Keep kickin' butt!!!!