Friday 8/5/11


Individual Event #1 (modified)

For time:
500 meter Row
1,600 meter run (1 mile)
50 Chest-to-bar pull-ups
100 Hand-release push-ups
200 Squats
1,600 meter run
(1 mile)

-All Cross Fitters & guests welcome!
-Saturday, 8/6/11 starting at 5 pm
-Bring paleo or zone inspired appetizer or dish
-Non alcoholic beverages plus basic beer and wine provided

Please RSVP under comments by Friday, 8/5/11.


RachelRose said...

So gloves are allowed...?

Mandi said...

Apparently lots of things were allowed.......including squats with hands pushing off the knees!



Rachel said...

Is there a time cap on this workout as well?

Rachel said...

Also, I'll be at the party tomorrow night... I'm most likely bringing non-paleo banana bread, but I'll try to think of something else paleo like to bring!

Chris said...

I analyzed the men's weights because I have put on some weight this year and was wondering about that.

The average BMI was 26.9
The min was 24.1 (Spealler)
The max was 31.0 (Khalipa)

Potentially abusing my knowledge of statistics:
standard deviation was 1.5

The BMI is an obviously flawed measure for fitness/health as it is commonly used since everyone but Spealler, Weigel, and Karlsson would be categorized as overweight or worse. I thought it might be a useful comparison when the height and weight can be combined into one measurement.

So the results would indicate I would look pretty normal in that group if I weighed between 196 and 218. Still a pretty wide range and more than I weigh now.

Evan said...

Factor in Body Fat %'s and everything gets more complicated.

I would approximate Games adult male athletes to be carrying between 10-20# of body fat.

Evan said...

Ben S. 47:16
(Push-Up: Strict, Sqt. to ball)

Evan said...

10:00 AM

Teresa 34:34
Rachel M 47:23 (Prpl. Pull-Up, 50 Strict Push-up)
Kim 49:52 (Pull-Up, 75 Strict Push-up)
Hilary 54:53 (J.Pu, 60 Knee, 100 Sqt.)

Jason said...


Hand. Release. Push. Ups...

Jason said...

I say, if it gets the work done faster then push off the knees. Not optimal for strength development but neither are kipping pull ups. Personally, I'm not flexible enough to keep my chest high enough to be in a position to push off.

jshish8 said...

My shoulders are cooked from yesterday...maybe try some butterfly pull-ups on the C2B.

Mandi said...

As if the basic muscle up wasn't hard enough:

Mandi said...

or this:

Chris said...

You're of course right Evan. Any comparison, which should be done purely for entertainment purposes, should strongly include the loss of 10-15# of body fat not the gaining of 10-15# of mass.

Mandi said...

AJ 37:48 rxd (strict push-ups)
Dan H 49:06 rxd (½ strict ½ worm)
Luke 41:50 (chin-ups, ½ strict ½ worm, depth ball)
Jason H 45:31 (blue, knees push)
Rachel L 48:25 (red PU, knee push, 175 squats)

Tyler 41:43 rxd (strict push-ups)
Hoi Yee 38:50 (all row, ½ chest ½ chin PU’s, worm push)
Irene 47:01 (hip ext, knee push, short mile)
Jeff G 47:45 (all row, ½ strict ½ worm)
Laura 50:14 (green-jumping, strict-knees push, 135squats)
Ian A 51:42 (½ strict ½ worm, depth ball)
Jeff M 56:18 (red+blue PU’s, strict push-ups)
Donte 57:14 (½ strict ½ worm push, squat rom, 400m on last run)