Tuesday 7/19/11



For time:

100 Front Squats* (95/65#)

*From the floor

(Post time to comments)

Tommy Hackenbruck, crossfit games competitor. Image courtesy of crossfit.com


Dan Hook said...

Thanks Steve, thanks a lot.

RachelRose said...

Steve I think I love you.

The Etruscan said...

I'm going to scale ... to a completely unrelated workout.

RachelRose said...

Jeff you can always do the girl's weight.

Cameron said...

Good conditioning workout, thanks Steve! Completed this morning as RX'd in 8:21. Much longer than I anticipated, as I was aiming for 6 minutes. I had to break it down into sets of 10 and that cost me time. The weight wasn't bad, just the number of reps. I'm used to working in the 5-8 rep range with heavier weights, not 100 reps!

Evan said...

Rookie WOD 2 (Amrap-10, WB, KB)

Anansia 6 (18#, 10)
Hilary 5+12(26#, 10)
Jason C 5+10(35#, 14)
Kim 5+10(35#, 10)

Sujata said...

Steve - I'm with Rachel on this one! Hey Rachel - we're going to do this RXed, right?! I'm hoping to make it to the 6pm class..

RachelRose said...

That's right Sujata :) I may do either 5pm or 6pm, not sure yet... it's gonna be a sweat-fest.

Evan said...

5:00 PM

Teresa 7:17 (95#)
Matt G 7:45
Luke 7:45
Whitney 7:50
Matt S 8:27
Mandi 10:11 (75 reps)
Jim 10:27
Kim 11:30 (50#)
Kevin 12:43 (65#)
Keith 13:59

Evan said...

6:00 PM

Tyler 6:05
Steve H 8:30
Jamison 9:07
Hoi Yee 9:11
Rachel M 9:33
Sujata 9:38 (55#)
Kassim 9:52
Evan 10:00
Yvette 10:32
Vinu 12:22
Jesse S 12:31
Chris 14:09

Jason said...


T said...

Jeff G. 5k Row 21:47

Mandi said...

Jason H 11:56 rxd