Monday 7/18/11


Hang Power Snatch (40%/ 30% - BW)
Overhead Squat (40%/ 30% - BW)
Ring Dip
  • ~then
800m Run
  • ~and finally
Hang Power Snatch (40%/ 30% - BW)
Overhead Squat (40%/ 30% - BW)
Ring Dip

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Image from last year's 5 Ton 5 K


Kassim said...

Is this a typo..."Brutal?" ;-) This should be fun..

The Etruscan said...

If I read this correctly, it's 110 hang power cleans, 110 overhead squats, 110 ring dips, and around 44kms run. That seems kind of intense.

Jason said...

Had a Cinnabon with extra icing this weekend. It's been years, that's good stuff. Might have to put that in the weekend rotation more often.

T said...

Etruscan - not sure who you are...

BUT I believe you do the 1..10 then run 800, then complete 10..1

The Etruscan said...

T, sorry about that. Etruscan = Jeff G. Google doesn't want to let me use another name. I'm stuck with the etruscan.

Dan Hook said...

Et tu, Evan?

Evan said...

Friends, Romans, Crossfiters,
Lend my your ears ... ... ...

Steve did it!
(programming buck passed)

Bobby said...

44km? Ultra-WOD! I'm down.

Teresa said...

Kim 35:58 (21.5%, purple)
Hilary 43:00 (25#, dips on box)
Elizabeth 17:55 (15lbs, dips on box, 7 rounds up and down)

skeeler said...

Next time, you might want to make the 1x800m run more explicit.

See you guys tonight.

Evan said...

Edit made.

Hopefully, there is no confusion regarding the 1x800 in the middle of the WOD.

RachelRose said...

Nice Steve :)

skeeler said...


That's much more clear. Thanks.

This one looks like a good challenge. I'll do my best.

skeeler said...

On a photo-related note, it looks like we won't be going to Atlanta this year, so I may be able to make it to the 5-Ton 5k in the fall.

Steve H said...
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Steve H said...

E Tu Brute?!? Well done everyone! Way to gut it out and burn that weekend oil, starting the week with some serious movement! BOOYAH!

Mike G - 22:30
Teresa - 24:39 (42.4%,#53)
Whitney - 28:26 (1-6 noband,7-10-1 purple)
Meghan G - 32:32 (bench dips)
Jeff - 34:51 (55#, 45#, red band dips)
Rachel L - 36:58 (red bar dips)
Ben - 36:57 (35#)
Rachel M - 42:39 (red bar dips)
Luke - 36:23 (75#)
Matt S - 44:00 (red)
Dan H - 45:40
Keith - 46:13
Ian from CF STL - 45:46

Susan - 24:05 (45%, even's)
Steve H - 37:27
Chris - 2nd 6+13 (65#)
T - 2nd 5+0 (56% ascending, 46% descending)
Shannon - 2nd 3+6 (26%, Rom, blue bar dips)
Kassim - 2nd 8 (85#, dips & pushups)
Jim - 2nd 4+4
Jay - 37:50 (35# FSquat to 15", bench dips, 400m, even's)
Jeff - 4+0 (65#, RB, row)

Dan Hook said...

What was the cut off for the 6pm class?

T said...

Evan 33:48 RX (ringDip-ROM)
Ian R. 35:05 (43%)

RachelRose said...

I did red ring dips (instead of the bar I used the hanging rings on the blue). That WOD today was the ultimate 'RESET' after a weekend of play... I've never had a 'did not finish', but I was worried I would not finish today as the clock kept ticking. As I was running in from the 800m all I could think was 'I'd rather do 10 rope climbs then another 10 rounds of those snatches, OHS's and dips.' Today was a first for that kind of thought as well. Awesome programming!

T said...

Dan - cut off was 40 minutes

T said...

Jeff G. 5K Row 21:43