Wednesday 7/20/11


"Donkey Kong"


Kettlebell Swings (53/35#)
Box Jumps (24/20”)

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Whippet named Wendy


Yvette said...

Is that picture of the dog for real? That has got to be some definite steroid use.

RachelRose said...

If you click on the tab 'Wendy' you get to read the article about how this dog has a genetic mutation (well, 2 technically, 1 in each copy of the gene for myostatin). Myostatin (I did not know this, wikepedia) inhibits muscle differentiation and growth, so this dog has more muscle cells and they are alot bigger. His heart is probably bigger than a basketball.

Jason Schreiber, HKC said...

Jason Schreiber: 8:20
Yvette Schreiber: 10:21

Jason said...

Performed with 30 stairs from burpee to swings and 20 stairs to box jump and back down to bottom...

Ian said...

ian- 7:48 RX'd plus
20# vest throughout, 70# kb swings, 24" box

Tasha- 10:21 rx
with way too many breaks

Yvette said...

Hey Tasha and Ian I think we've met before through Delnora. We were at the Savageman Tri last year together. HI :)

Mandi said...

Donkey Kong + run out the front garage and in the back garage after each station.

Great job everyone!

Matt G 8:29
Whitney 8:52
Teresa 9:15 (#53, 24”)
Luke 9:22
Mandi 9:23
Jim 10:14
Rachel M 11:14
Vinu 11:36
Evan T 12:35 (#35)

Brian 7:18
Steve H 8:08
Jamison 9:27 (+10boxJumps rnd.2)
Ben 9:33 (#35:30-20-10)
Rachel L 10:20
T 10:58 (#70, 30”)
Lauren 11:28
Hoi Yee 11:55 (sub 5 pull-ups for run)
Shannon 12:06 (step-ups)
Jesse S 12:08

Jeff G 15:32 (sub 3 pull-ups for run)

Ian said...

Hi Yvette,
Nope don't remember you or Jason at Delnora's, or you at Savage man, or that Jason does kb classes on the side of 29 sometimes...haha
Hope your doing well and we'll see you at class one of these nights...
p.s. tasha wants to meet your crazy dogs

Yvette said...

Ian, we could have a doggie date w/ all of our dogs sometime :) BTW your CrossFit times are awesome.