Monday 7/4/11



Run 1 mile
Row 2K
Run 1 mile

Compare to 4/22/11
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11am WOD (we will be running this in small waves every 10 minutes)
12pm Potluck


Evan said...

11:00 am

Brian 21:18
Chris 22:30
Mike G 22:52
Luke 22:52
Tyler 23:28
Ben S 23:15
Dan H 23:46
Matt 23:47 (120/1500/120: 24" box)
Hoi Yee 24:33 (5 K Row)
Jeff 25:00 (2x8 min box)
Keith 26:02
Rachel M 26:55
Kim 28:25
Rachel L 28:39
Mandi 29:47
Allison ??:??

Cain said...

Mandi said...

Nice video find Cain. That is totally inspiring!

Dan Hook said...

Brussels Sprouts with Walnuts

I use canola oil instead of butter for cooking the sprouts and save the butter for the walnuts. The recipe works out better when halved. There's not enough space in the pan for 2 pounds of sprouts to brown properly. For proper flavor, parts of the sprouts should look very brown, edging into black.