Friday 7/29/11



Deadlift (Strict)*


*Metal Plates only.

Maximum Diameter Men 45# Plates/ Women 35# Plates

(Post load to coments)

The Crossfit Games are streaming live.
Watch here!

Coming Saturday, October 1st
the 2011 5 Ton 5 K


RachelRose said...

5ton 5K oh yeah!!

Jamison how did your nephew like it today??

Evan is there a team-WOD at the Open Gym Friday night? Jason H mentioned last week that there might be...

Yvette said...

What's the best way to train for the 5ton 5k?

T said...

Crossfit :)

RachelRose said...

Yvette, I agree with T, but would add 3 things: try and go as heavy as you can on all WODs (which is essentially Crossfit anyway), do 1 good set of sprint intervals per week outside of the gym, and make sure you roll stuff out to help prevent injuries.

deb said...

hi ladies,

if anyone is interested in a set of pink Vibram FF Sprints (worn 3 times), size 40, they are over by Evan & Mandi's desk if you want to try them on. I wear a women's 8.5 or 9, but they just don't fit my feet as comfortably as the KSOs or Jayas do.

Mandi said...


Jason C #225
Ben #195
Mandi #150
Kim #120
Hilary #105 (#115broken, I think you last set was actually #135!)

Jamison Peter Hibbard said...

My nephew had a lot of fun. I think he liked how supportive the environment was as well as meeting everyone.

He wants to give it a shot next week when we are on vacation. Should i take him through some crossfit kids workouts? or just scaled diesel workouts? Any suggestions?

Also, Is anybody watching the games on

jshish8 said...

Watched the end of the first mens heat went bridges, spealler.

Cameron said...

Should have gone heavier as I still had some gas left in the time!

Mandi said...

Matt #275
Dan H #275
Michael G #225 (#266x8:2xBW)
AJ #???

Mandi said...

Jason S #365x15 (2xBW)
Donte #365
Jeff G #275
T #275
Yvette #170
Whitney #150 (#155x5)
Rachel M #150

jshish8 said...


T said...

Jason - thanks for the help with my deads, hopefully I can work that cue in and make it a habit now.

jshish8 said...

in case anyone was still interested as to why our L-sits were significantly longer than those at the games: the standard was feet above hands...