Tuesday 5/3/11


Clean & Jerk 15 Reps

WOD -Gwen

Clean & Jerk 15-12- and 9 reps

There is no time limit, but the load may not be rested on the floor - i.e. Touch and go at floor only. (Even a re-grip off the floor is a foul). Use the same load for each set. Rest as needed between sets.

(Post load to comments)

Compare to 7/29/10


skeeler said...

So, how would you advise us to choose a weight for this?

Evan said...


"Big Money! No whammies!"

No, in all seriousness, data is key. Previous Gwens, Bear Complexes, C.F.Diesel Totals, Heavy 5's day, etc can all be useful data points in choosing a weight.

Alternatively, ramp to a Medium-ish 5's weight and "Swing away, Merrill..."

skeeler said...


Thanks for the feedback. Let's hope I don't roll a snake eyes.

T said...

5 PM
Steve H 135 (PR!)
Jason G 135
Dan 115 (PR!)
Mike G 105 (do 115 next time)
Vinu 85 (extra round, 95x7)
Ben 75 (do 85 next time)
Sheila 55
Andriana 55
Deb 35 (mid-hang clean)
Keith 115 (15,9,9)
Matt S 135 (dropped last rep last rd)

6 PM
T 155
Kassim 135
Jason H 95 (PR!)
Rafael 85
Sujata (15/12@55, 9@60)
Hoi Yee (15@55, 12/9@60)
Shannon (15@55, 12/9@60)

Chris 115
Mark G 95
Sarah 85
Kim (15@50, 12/9@60)

T said...

Susan, I didn't see your weights on the board... what'd you end up doing????

Evan said...

Rookies - WOD 1

7:00 PM
Ken 5:25
Kevin 7:10
Dan 7:16

7:00 PM
Betty 8:25
Katie 8:47
Anansa 9:24

Sarah said...

I meant to do 80# and accidentally did 85#... not sure if that should be a bonus or a penalty for my score!
Actually it was a women's bar, so more like 83ish.

Evan said...

83# is fantastic, Sarah.

I have just finished the Women's Chart for the Fitness Test, and that gets you 4 Points!

Which gets you one of the highest scores in the gym! (Men's or Women's score chart)

Teresa said...

95# 15-12-9 at open gym on Friday 5/6