Monday 5/2/11


Test 1:

Bench Press 1 RM
followed by max set of Pull-ups

Pull-Ups are to be performed within 30 sec of the Bench

5 Rounds of the above test
NOTE: We recommend reducing the load slightly each round

Congratulations Teresa!!!
55th in the Region
514th Fittest Woman on the Planet!!!


RachelRose said...

GO TERESA! 55 in the REGION! YOU ROCK!!!!!!

RachelRose said...

How long can you hang on the pull-up bar between pull-ups?....

Sarah said...

This is almost "Lynne"
Didn't we just do that recently??

My pullups are fine... I need to work on squatting stuff.

Sarah said...

That reads a little snarky... not what I meant, sorry.

Does anybody else find that WODs you are good at sort of "dangerous" in the sense you tend to over do it?

Evan said...

I hear ya Sarah. Confidence in a move definitely gets one to "Go all in" during the workout. In this WOD - I'd look at it as a Heavy Bench Day with a bonus round.

Plus, the 1st round of Pull-Ups is the only round that counts for the test score (Lbs. x Reps = Score).

The other rounds, I would use as an 'opportunity' to experiment with holding a specific number of PU's across the last rounds. You can use the data from the last Lynne and see if you can maintain your PU Ave. +1 or 2 reps, or something like that.

... And we'll see some squatting, don't you worry. :)

Teresa said...

Thanks so much! :)

To answer your question, if it's like Lynne or Lynette, you can hang as long as your grip holds. Once you fall, you're done. But, I did switch grips mid-round a couple of times during Lynette without dropping from the bar and that was accepted. Evan or Mandi can correct me if I'm wrong though.

Brian Cohee said...

Congratulations, Teresa! Well deserved.

T said...


Kassim said...

Way to go Teresa! Congrats.

Donte London said...


Congratulations - our own crossfit superstar!!!

Sujata said...

Great job Teresa!! What's the date for us all to come out and suppport you at the regionals in Fairfax? We need time to come up with some cool T Shirts..!!

Mandi said...

As we get more info we will post it.

Mid Atlantic Regionals are June 3-5
Spots to the Games: 3 men, 3 women, 3 teams
George Mason University Field House
4501 University Dr.
Fairfax, Virginia 22030

Jamison Peter Hibbard said...

Way to go Teresa!

Sujata said...

The lure of eccentric sports such as coal carrying, bog snorkelling and other fun stuff...

Evan said...

10:00 am

Elizabeth H 77.5 (PR)x10 (Blue)= 775
Teresa 140 (GR!)x 31 (Tie GR) = 4200
Donte 290 (GR!)x 26 = 7540
Jason G 245# x 46 = 11,270

Mandi said...

despite the name cheese-rolling looks painful!

RachelRose said...

Wowzas Donte!!!! Woo hooo!!!!

Teresa said...

Thanks so much everyone. You guys are awesome and so supportive. It is sooooo appreciated.

My pull-up score should be 30 for round 1.

Elizabeth, it was great having you in class this morning. Great work. Hope to see more of you.

Chris said...

Are we doing 15 reps of clean and jerk tomorrow?

Jason said...

Sounds like it. Pick a weight and crush it!

Mandi said...

Brian 235PRx49=11515
Dan 170x32=5440
Matt 237.5PR (245PR)x19=4512.5
Ken 170x21=3570
Ben 170x12=2040
Andriana 85x20 (blue)=1700
Crystal 60x26 (green)=1560
Rachel 95x10 (purple)=950

Michael G 215x36=7740
T 265x27=7155
Jesse W 210x30=6300
Keith 160x33PR=5280
Kassim 295x15(strick)=4425 GR!
Jason H 160x22(blue)=3520
Hoi Yee 85(90)x19=1615
Jay 95 (100PR) x15=1425
Kim 80x11=880

Luke 245x35=8575
Susan 137.5x39=5362.5 GR!
Chris 185x24PR=4440 (195PR)
Mark G 175x22=3850