Tuesday 5/10/11



Back Squat


Compare to 2/19/11

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Evan said...

Rookie WOD 2

Daniel 5+29
Ken 5+14 (20# MB, 53# KB)
Jeff 4+15 (20-14# med ball)

deb said...

Anyone interested in a pair of gently used Vibrams? I have a pair of Sprints that I wore maybe 4 times. They don't fit my feet as well as my KSOs do. They are women's size 41 or 40, in pink.

RachelRose said...

Deb! I am interested :) Email me willwork4beer@gmail.com

Evan said...

5 pm

Matt - 265#
Dan H - 225# PR
Sheila - 125# PR
Mike G - no data (but he's got a lot on his mind with the baby on the way - Congratulations Mike!)

Evan said...

6 PM

Kassim 325 (330 rom)
Tyler 295 (315x2)
Luke 265
Bobby 240 (250x2)
Jason H 235
Jesse S 220
Rachel L 155
Hoi Yee 140
Shannon 120 (box)
Mandi 120 PR

T said...

Jesse W 275 (305x1)
Chris 255 PR!!
Jamison 225 PR!! (235x1)

Great job tonight guys keep up the good work!

T said...

Rookie WOD 2

Betty 5+6reps (18#kb, #10wb)
Anansa 4+22reps (18#kb, #10wb)