Saturday 2/19/11



Back Squat


Compare to 11/5/9

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*Next weeks schedule may have some changes due to Evan & Mandi being out of town. Please check it daily to ensure your class is running.


T said...

I totally know where the hot hang out spot at 9am is now...

Kim - 110
Phil - 105 (115x2) 18" box
Sarah - 120
Dan C - 235
Dan H - 220
Steve Z - 155 (165x2) 18" box
T - 295 (technique work)
Dave L - 285
Susan - 195x3 (200x2)
Teresa - 200 (202.5x2)
Ray - 255 (265x2)
Matt - 265
Steve H - 300
IAmJohn!- 355 (405x1 PR!)
Amy - ???

Teresa said...

T, I'll second that! Such a great group today. Have a great weekend everyone.

T said...

Alright T2, Susan, I'm game for BoE. Just registered. I figure I've already made a series of bad decisions (i.e. GORUCK, ToughMudder) this year, what's one more!

Teresa said...

It'll be a great experience I think. We'll definitely have to get some Strongman training in between now and then.

Ray said...

Amy had 100#, and set a PR!

(I strongly believe the first time you do an exercise should automatically be celebrated as a PR)