Monday 5/9/11



5 Rounds for Time:

Run 400 meters
30 box jump (24/ 20)
30 Wall ball shots (20/ 14)

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Compare to 8/13/10


RachelRose said...

I'm bummed I'll likely miss this one- sounds fun!

Cameron said...

"I lift things up and put them down."

Interesting business model, but it seems to be working for them.

Evan said...

Ken 30:28 (14# Med Ball)

Evan said...


Irene 18:39 (200/15/15 step, MB thrst)
Jay 22:15 (200/15/15 12"step, 10#rom)
Tyler 28:12 PR!
Vinu 28:12 (15 reps)
Jamison 29:01 PR!
Luke 29:29
Shannon 30:37 (step, 10#)
Sheila 30:44 (4 rnd, step, 10# rom)
Jason H 33:33
Andrew 33:??
Susan 33:40
Hoi Yee 34:14 (row)
Mike T 36:32
Kassim 36:39 (some rom)

T said...

Deb 16:31 (3rft, preggo ROM)
Teresa 24:51 (15#, RX++)
Sujata 29:54 (Row, 12"box steps, 15# box thruster)
Matt 30:04 RX
Mike G 31:53 PR!
Ben S 31:15 (15#)
Dan H 35:06 PR!
Andriana 44:00 10#Wall Ball
Meghan 37:20 (10# step up)

T said...

Chris 33:24 (Row)
Mark 32:?? RX
Sarah 35:30 (1-3RX (4-5step ups)

Sheila said...

I just wanted to do a big shout out to Mike, Shannon, & Andriana. Before the 6 p.m. class tonight, with their advise and encouragement, they helped me perform my first jump up on the 20" step! I can't believe that I did it! Thanks guys.

During the WOD, although I only did 4 rounds, I was SO pleased with myself that I jogged all 4 of the 400 meters (before, I would jog to the transformer and then walk back). I can't believe that I did it. thanks to CrossFit Diesel!!!

Sujata said...

Great job Sheila! I've learnt so much from everyone at CFD and I hope to continue learning a lot more!!

T said...

No joke, I haven't ran Kelly in over a year and shaved ~5:28 off of my time. Great people yield great results!