Monday 5/23/11


Workout 1

For time:

Run 1000 meters
30 Handstand push-ups
SDHP 100 reps (#44/#33)

Post time to comments

Congratulations Tyler and Teresa for getting your CrossFit L1 Certification!


Mike said...

Congrads T and Teresa

skeeler said...


Jamison Peter Hibbard said...

Nice work on the L1, T1 and T2.

Evan said...

SDHP 100 reps with an empty barbell. It's a logistical substitute for 1000m row.

Bobby said...

Good stuff, T & T2! Congrats!

Evan said...

10 am

Evan 10:20

RachelRose said...

Go Tyler and Teresa!!!

Jason said...

I. Am. Hurting. Haven't been getting many wods done.
19:15 w hspu to ab mat depth and sdhp w 53# kb.

Evan said...

Hey Gang,

Who here is interested in participating in our new CFD-Mentor program?

You would be working with Rookies who have completed 'Phase 1' of the new Rookies Program & help them get more acquainted with CFD.

Who's In?
Email me at

Steve H said...


Matt S. 13:22 (1abmat)
Dan H. 15:11 (5rx/25-1abmat)
Steve H. 15:49
Sujata 16:18 (15# pike OH press)
Sheila 16:48 (20# pike OH press)

skeeler said...

Thanks for the clarification, Evan. I did this one with the rowing. 10:06. Thanks for setting a benchmark for me.


T said...

T 10:07 RX
Susan 11:36 RX
Chris 11:45 (2ab)
Kristian 15:26 (1ab)
Luke 12:10 (1ab)
Hoi Yee 12:03 (1ab,row sub'd for run)
Mike T 13:26 (Pike)
Kassim 16:29?

Mark G 9:40 (25#+1ab)
Jesse W 13:30
Mandi 13:49 (1ab)
Rachel 13:34 (10#+1ab)
Kim 12:55 (10#+2ab)