Wednesday 3/23/11



For time:
70 Burpees
60 Sit-ups
50 Kettlebell swings (53/ 35#)
40 Pull-ups
30 Handstand push-ups

Or, repeat the Week 1 WOD from the
CF Games Open

30 Double Unders
15 Power Snatch

Compare to: 3/18/11

(Post time or rounds to Comments)

NOTICE: Potluck Box Party!!!
We will be building Plyo Boxes this Sunday (3/27/11) starting at 11am. Anyone who has some time and wants to help out we would appreciate it. Click here to learn more about the boxes.


RachelRose said...
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Tyler said...

this is gonna be fun! are they all harder this week for this games thing or is it always like this...i ran that 10 k no problem. easy!

RachelRose said...

Yay burpees.

RachelRose said...

Excitedly waiting for the CF Games Week 2 WOD posting... patience is a virtue :)

Mandi said...


70 Burpee WOD
Teresa 17:17 (1abmat)
Alexa 18:23 #26.5,jumping PU,#10)
Keith 23:23 (1abmat)

Games Open WOD #1
Jason G 4+33
Dan 3+41
Bobby 3+36

Jason said...

Fine, Teresa. I registered.

Mandi said...

6:00 PM

Susan 13:49
Jay 14:44 (20/30/25-18#/20B.row/15 15#DB)
Whitney 15:21 (1 abmat)
Irene 16:52 (35/ 30#KB/ J.PU/ 12# DB)
Kassim 20:48 (PU-Red/ Pike)
Jason H 22:15 (35# KB/ 35 PU Green/ 25 Pike)

whitney said...


Jose 15:37 (70 squats/60 situps/50 hip ex/ 40 pull up/ 30 Box Jumps)

Mark 16:09 (30#KB/ Jumping PU/15#DB)

10 min AMRAP

Kim 3+14
Kassim 2+26

whitney said...

Jose, we wish you the best of luck with your move and with your training! When you come back in town PLEASE stop by!! Good Luck and Keep Crossfitting!!

Mandi said...

Good bye Jose! We wish you the best. Keep up the mobility.

Teresa said...

Thanks so much for joining. We need you! :)