Friday 3/18/11



3 Rounds For Time:

400 m Run
15 Squat Snatch (75/ 53#)
9 Handstand Push-Ups

Compare to Main Site: 3/2/11

CFGames 2011 Open 
Week 1 WOD

30 Double Unders
15 Power Snatch

The OFFICIAL CrossFit Games Open has begun!
Local Community CrossFiters and CF Diesel Athletes are welcome to compete here, as we are an official Host Site for the competition!
  1. What = A Workout of the Week will be announced every Tuesday - HERE. Come and compete, and one of our Judges will sign off on your time (Adherence to all standards will be enforced).
  2. When = 7:00 PM on Wednesday, Friday & 9:30 AM on Saturday
  3. How = a) Show up, b) Sign-in, c) the next available Judge will officiate your WOD: It's That Easy!
  4. Cost = 1/2 Priced Drop In Rate ($10 per competitor, per Judged session)


Evan said...

It should be noted that we programed our week before the Games WODs where announced.

Athletes competing for the Open - You may need to scale your WODs or take the day off before you make a run at the Open WOD.

This weeks Open WOD is:

Power Snatch

Register as an Athlete on:

A CrossFit Diesel Team is un the making - And anyone competing in the Open Can Join!

Matt said...

A question about head position olympic and power lifts. I once was told that I should practice lifting while holding a grapefruit under my chin (I know weird!). But is it good to focus on keeping that sort of head position, relative to the spine of course?

Teresa said...

This is my official plea asking all who are even considering it...please join the team. It's a great way to build morale in our box and we have such an amazing group of athletes. I really hope we have enough to put a team together.

Ray said...

@ Matt - I had to go find a grapefruit to find out what you were talking about, but I think I've got it. You're possibly referring to having a "neutral" head position. Yeah, that's where you want it, with your focus on a point near the floor about 15 to 20 feet in front you.

The alternative is to be looking up at the ceiling, as your head tilts up during the shrug of the "third pull". This is less good, and will have negative effects on your balance in the "catch" or bottom and sap your power throughout the lift. It's hard to keep your head low and neutral, a powerful shrug pushes your head up - hence the helpful citrus based coaching note.

Where do you look during your overhead squat? Try looking there. If that doesn't help, completely ignore the above advice.

Mandi said...

Yes, Teresa! Anyone who has a desire to do the Games Open WOD's should jump in today or tomorrow!!! It is going to be a fun couple of weeks.

I am going this morning after the 10am class. :)

Mandi said...

Matt, bring on the fruit! Ray, great (& funny) advice!

Though O lifting doesn't sound like it would be very successful with fruit under your chin, I am all for practicing the first pull/deadlift portion with it. Yes, a Neutral head is the desired position. The head tilting back can cause loss of lumbar and thoracic curve amongst a host of other less desirable conditions.

Mandi said...

Fantastic job everyone on a Double WOD night!!!

CFDiesel WOD
Chris 15:56 (#55rom, 2abmat)
Donte 19:01 (facing wall 2abmat)
Keith 19:54 (#45, 1abmat)
Kim 18:16 (#25, 3abmat)
Michael G. 16:32 (#65rom)
Matt 19:17 (20@#75, 25@#53, 2abmat)
Shannon 18:18 (#35rom, incline PU)

Games Open WOD #1
Chris 2+39
Donte 2+23
Jamison 5+5
Keith 2+33 (#65)
Kim 2+42
Mandi 4+15
Matt 2+19
Michael G 3+18
Mike S 4+18
Shannon 4+18 (#35)
Susan 3+43
Teresa 5+30

Mandi said...

CFDiesel WOD

Teresa 14:31 (1abmat)

skeeler said...


I think you may have misread T's notes. I finished all my double-unders and did 8 snatches, so it should read 3+38.


T said...

Mandi, I concur with Mike's statement. Mike completed 3 rounds, 30 double unders and 8 gto's