Thursday 3/24/11


5 Rounds for Time:

15 Medicine ball cleans (20/ 15#)
15 Wall ball shots (20/15#)

Chocolate Chili Con Carne...yummm!

NOTICE: Potluck Box Party!!!
We will be building Plyo Boxes this Sunday (3/27/11) starting at 11am. Anyone who has some time and wants to help out we would appreciate it. Click here to learn more about the boxes.


Chris said...

Interesting to compare to Saturday's wod.

T said...

That actually sounds like a sweet WOD! Minus the whole rhabdo thing of course hahaha....

Evan said...

10 AM

Ken 10:16 (10#)

Sujata said...

3 mile run (with dog) 29:05

Jen said...

Ouch. Main site just posted the wod.

T said...

Whitney 10:16
Steve 11:03

Jason 9:42
Ray 12:03
Phil 12:15 (15#)
Matt 12:26
Rafael 13:21 (15#)
Alexa 13:45 (10#)
Mandi 13:47
Amy 14:42 (10#)

T2 6:33
T 8:19
Hoi Yizzle 9:50
Rachel 10:09
Shannon 10:37 (10#)
Mike S 10:50
Jamison 11:03

Gino 14:35 (15#)
Katherine 18:28 (15#->10#, bottom line)

Great Job Guys!!!!!

T said...

Muscle Ups
Ray 6 (maybe?)
Steve 2 (NWC)
Jamison 2
Teresa (1, multiple times...)
Mike S. 3

Evan said...

Teresa! Congratulations on your 1st Muscle Up!!!!

RachelRose said...

Teresa that's awesome! You must feel so good! OH YEAH!

Cain said...

Yay Teresa! Hey, this guy did his first muscle up today too!

RT said...
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Teresa said...

Thanks so much guys. I was definitely excited. I really appreciate all the tips from everyone at the gym to help me correct my errors in technique. Made all the difference in the world.

T said...

Pretty sure those were Jamison's first last night too! Congrats to all who got their first MU!