Monday 2/21/11



Happy President's Day


Compare to 11/18/10

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10am - Steve
5pm - Steve
6pm - Steve
*Note: No 7pm class today

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FunDrum said...

73 year old woman deadlifts 165lbs, squats 135lbs and benches 80 lbs!
Here's a link to an article about the benefits of weighlifting for seniors:

Sujata said...

Sorry, that was me - forgot to sign out of my husband's account.

RachelRose said...

Sujata FunDrum looks fun! Do you ever go??

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to Dan (for cuing me on using a lighter bar) and for Susan - being a great spotter (and workout buddy). Had "fun" doing my first Bench Press progression!

Steve H said...

Happy Presidents Day! Great Job everyone!

Donte 235
John M 235
Steve H 235
Cain 225 PR
Matt 205
Jesse W 195
Mike T 190
Ray 185
Jamison 175
Jesse S 175
Chris T 155
Dan 155 PR
Mark 155
Steve 145
Phil 125

Susan 120 PR
Shelia 100
Kim 72.5