Saturday 9/8/12

2008 Games Deadlift/ Burpee WOD

5 Rounds for time:

5 Deadlift (275/ 185#)
10 Burpee

Compare to 1/5/11


RachelRose said...

Diesel Tough Mudder team, kick butt and have a terrific time!!!!!

Yvette said...

Thanks Rachel we'll miss u.

BTW Mandi, I love Yvette CF photo shoots :)

Mandi said...

Hi Everyone,
Amy's husband has a ruptured rectus femoral tendon(thigh). Yikes! He is looking for a good orthopedic surgeon. Does anyone have a recommendation?

Evan said...

9:00 am

A.Shishineh 3:06
D.London 6:20 PR!
M.Treas 6:56
K Baranowski 11:37
K.Berndt 5:41 (mod)
A.Rigney 6:05 (165)
C.Kingwood 6:17 (185#)
R.Morano 6:58 (mod)
D.Dulin 10:05 (85#)

Fantastic Job Everyone & Good Luck Diesel Tough Mudders!!!

Sujata said...

4 RFT:
25 walking lunges
30 Air squats


Now I know how big/small my hotel room is!

Good luck to Team Diesel at Tough Mudder

Mike T said...
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Mike T said...

10 am

10 Deadlifts
10 Push-ups
10 Box Jumps

A. Hatcher 6
E. Hatcher 4 +23
K. Nolan 6 +23
A. McDonnell 7
J. Little 4 +5
D. Adkins 5 +12
Y. Little 3
C. Knepper 5 (95lbs / 20")
R. Wimberly ??

Sujata said...

Great job Christina! Look forward to doing another team WOD with you soon!

Jay said...

Dr. Mark Bullock ( Columbia) did Mark's hip. He's a little laid back, but we think he did a good job. He has since dealt with my many suspected foot/arm injuries.

Anonymous said...

Tks Sujata! Hope to work out with u soon too.