Friday 9/7/12


Ramp to:
a 1-RM (or near max) Front Squat

Rack - Then, using the same load, immediately perform:
1 set of Back Squat (for Max Reps)

(Post load + Back Squat Reps to comments)


Evan said...

7:00 am

A.Fountain 235/11 (275/0)
A.Shishineh 235/9 (255/0)
M.Treas 215/10
B.Lessler 160/4 PR!!
S.Bateson 75/5
K.Kuadey 185/7

Sujata said...

150 Single Unders
15 Air squats
35 sit ups


Steve H said...

M Sullivan 265/10
K Elliott 175/5
R Foutz 110/9
K Faro 205/195x4 (PR)
V Kurian 205/165x13
Sh Hulin 125/95x25 (PR)
E Raymond 105/(95x10)
T Luz 215/11
M Houk 95 (5x6)+21

NWC St Hulin 275/8

Evan said...


S.Pickett 245/3
T.Tom 295/15@300#
J.Southworth 245
K.Baranowski 155
H.Y.Tom 180
D.London 255/10
R.Morano 120
L.Roque 150
I.Bruce 195/5

Evan said...

Nice work Sujata!

Keep rock'in the travel WODs

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