Wednesday 2/22/12


"(Not) the Total"

Clean 1 rep
Bench 1 rep
OverHead Squat 1 rep

Compare to 8/12/10

(Post total to comments)


jshish8 said...

So, for the Mid-Atlantic Affiliate Challenge, we have: T, Jason S, Yvette, and Me. We need two more females! Who's game?

Jason said...

Clean/Bench/OH Squat
A. Shishineh 205-PR/215-PR/175-PR=595
D. Hook 195-PR/175/155-PR=525
J. Schrader 195-PR/185-PR/135=515
S. Hulin 215/135/215-PR=605
K. Faro 165/195/145=305

Jason said...

M. Stephen 205/185/215-PR=605


S. Hulin 215/135/205=555

RachelRose said...

Faro's is 505.

Mike T said...

M. Treas 125/165/105PR = 395
H. Dean 105PR/115PR/??? = 220
J. Southworth 185PR/200PR/155PR = 640
K. Berndt 100/87.7/75 = 262.5
S. Fountain 110/110/80 = 300
J. Hibbard 205PR/210PR/185PR = 600
H.Y. Tom 150(FS)/105/115 = 370
K. Kovacs 120/85/115PR=320

Good job on PR everyone.

Jason Schreiber, HKC said...

Is that picture of me at the Beast? I can't tell....

Yvette said...

No Jason, that's Tyler but I can see you in the midst of a burpee in the left hand side of the pic.

jshish8 said...

7 AMRAP burpees!

Mandi said...


T Tom 255/245/225
Y Gorod 155/215/80
E Dean 125/150/85x2
Rachel M 105/100/95

Hilary said...

Open gym OHS 110.