Thursday 1/12/12


3 Rounds for time:

800 m Run
15 Toes to Bar
12 Burpees
9 Hanging Power Cleans (135/95)

Compare to 5/14/11


Evan said...

7:00 am

A. Shishineh 17:04
B. Bush 18:02
C. Twaddle 21:19 (95#)

Sujata said...

T - I'm with you on how wodding solo is awful!

My solo WOD today: 100 air squats for time - 2:51. The first 50 went fast but then the other 50 were sloow - I would like to blame the jetlag but I think I just need to improve! I'm curious about other folks' time on 100 air squats - please send me some motivation and a good target to go after!!

Steve H said...

Yvette and Jason - Sorry I couldn't make it tonight. Way to under the weather today to come on in. If you want to just leave the Magnesium stuff (rub/spray)on Evan's desk or by the t-shirts, feel free and I'll grab it tomorrow.

RachelRose said...

Busted my butt to get out of work in time for this wod and not one but two accidents on 95, bummer! It's sujatas squats and push'ups at home for me... If I ever get there...

RachelRose said...

100 air squats 2:05
50 push-ups 5:15
Sujata I hope your trip was grand and thank you for inspiration to get something in at home!

Mandi said...

J. Gober: 19:56
J. Dorsey: 20:21
A. Fountain: 19:58
H.Y. Tom: 23:00 (85#)
K. Palmisano: 23:17

M. Stephen: 21:20
M. Willoughby: 19:42
J. Southworth: 24:00 (115#)
Y. Schreiber: 21:08
R. Lieberman: 24:56
C. Dodge: 26:52 (45#, elevated burpee)
T. Braglio: 27:42
S. Fountain: 27:05 (85#)
K. Berndt: 23:50 (75#)
D. London?: 26:46 (800m, 400m, 400m)

Mandi said...

7pm Rookies
Tabatas 6 rounds of each
burpees/squat/body row/sit-ups

S Moore 6/10/7/13
O Whitehorn 6/7/2/8
S Matthews 3/9/3/10
J Burford 6/18/5/11
C Boarman 4/11/5/10
A Rigney 5/12/9/10
Yoriy 4/8/6/7
M Hager 4/10/9/11
S Choma 4/12/6/9
B Cope 3/13/4/7
Y Schreiber 6/12/6/9
HY Tom 6/19/7/13
S Brown 3/12/5/9
L Brown 3/10/3/9
J Stinnette 3/18/6/11

Sujata said...

Rachel - thanks and you're on! I'm traveling for another week so I'll try again at the 100 squats and maybe even the push ups!!

Brian Cohee said...


Lauren 24:42 80#
Brian 17:54.