Tuesday 12/13/11



5 rounds for time:

5 Front Squat (205/ 135#)
20 Double Under

Compare to: 1/29/11

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All Diesel member's are invited to the Diesel Holiday Party this Saturday at 6pm. Ask for more details.


Teresa said...

7am Rookies
"Baseline" (variation)
Chris 5:28
Bryan 8:57
Bruce 11:17 (24 & 20", strict Pull-ups)

Great job this morning guys. You all upheld a strict standard for the movements. Love it!

Dan Hook said...

Are we using a rack for this?

Matt said...

Since I was asked about skin tears last night and I realize there are new members, here are the things I've learned taking care of my hands. YMMV

1. Wash the tear with soap and water and use neosporin.

2. For the WODs after the tear protect your hands with gloves or tape (http://academics.georgiasouthern.edu/cet/SB/Gym/BigTapeGrip.jpg).

3. DAT Sticks. http://www.gibsonathletic.com/inventoryD.asp?item_no=FA-06000&CatId={27764BDD-6D3B-4FC4-89E2-71931F2B0338}

4. Buy a Ped Egg. They sell them at CVS. Use it to smooth out your calluses so that the edges don't catch on the pull-up bar.

Rachel L. said...

Another thing that works real well for the rips is Preparation H. I know that sounds crazy but I have found that the rip heals faster using this instead of neosporin.

It is based off preference, but they used to keep tubes of it at my old gym.

Steve H said...

Hope everyone's ready for this monster today.

Evan said...

Great question Dan!

... I think that MOST of the athletes will be using a rack, however, if someone is using a weight that is a rather easy clean for them, I'd ask them to take it from the floor.

7 racked athletes and 3 from-the-floor athletes, in 2 Heats, should work out just fine - I reckon.

jshish8 said...

A supplemental video for #2: http://www.crossfitdavis.com/crossfit-davis-blog/378-how-to-tape-your-hands-for-pull-ups

IMO: I prefer to use nail clippers to cut off the dead skin.

Matt said...

Also, if anyone does buy that DAT sticks, don't leave them in your car. In the summer they melt and leak everywhere. In the winter the freeze and crystallize.

Evan said...

5:00 PM

T. Luz 2:38
M. Gross 5:30 (165#)
A. Shishineh 6:07 (165#)
C. Rice 6:30 (65, SU)
D. Hook 6:37 (165#)
N. Berkley 6:40
J. Gober 6:42 (165-155)
M. Stephen 6:57 (175#)
A. Fountain 7:45 (185#)
R. Liberman 8:09 (125#)
M. Sullivan 8:47
K. Faro 9:45 (135#)
S. Hulin 9:47
C. Renner 10:09 (scales)

Teresa said...

T. Tom 3:57
Susan 5:20
J. Bulluck 5:21
Yvette 8:24

Laurel S. 3:23 (65#, singles)
K. Berndt 3:56 (75#)
S. Fountain 5:33 (105#)
Donte 5:37 (135#, singles)
H. Tom 6:38 (105#)
E. Burns 6:44 (165#)
M. Treas 7:22 (165#, singles)
B. Rice 8:20 (155#)

Mandi said...

7pm Party of one!

W.Hall 9:51 rx

RachelRose said...

At open gym: 13:34 (115#)