Friday 12/23/11

Russell” 3 Rounds for Time:

25 Double Unders
25 Hand Release Pushups
6 Sprints (33 feet)

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Reduced Holiday Schedule
With the exception of Rookie Classes, all 7:00 AM and PM classes will be canceled this week & through the New Year.


jshish8 said...

CrossFit MoCo had this...
On the twelfth day of CrossFit,
My coaches made me do,
Twelve Double-unders,
Eleven Jumping Air Squats,
Ten Abmat Sit-ups,
Nine 20 pound Wall-Balls (14 pounds for women),
Eight 1.5 pood Kettlebell Swings,
Seven Push-ups,
Six Box Jumps,
Five Burpees,
Four Kipping Pull-ups,
Three 95 pound Thrusters,
Two 95 pound Sumo Deadlift High-pulls,
And a 100 meter Sprint!

Steve H said...

Sounds like something to do in the PostWOD afterparty. It has been noted!


RachelRose said...

Whoo hoo!

Mike T said...

here is what we did last year. It was awful.

12 Escalating Rounds* for Time:

1 Burpee (jump and touch the pull-up bar with 2 hands)
2 Knee to Elbow
3 Air Squats
4 Pull-Up
5 Push-ups
6 Walking Lunges
7 Back Squat (Bar)
8 Good Mornings (Bar)
9 Push Press (Bar)
10 Hanging Power Cleans (Bar)
11 Hanging Power Snatch (Bar)
12 Thruster (Bar)

*Performed in a crescendo, like the song "12 Days of Christmas"

PS Coach set what the brain child for this.

skeeler said...

As long as we don't do this in escalating, crescendo rounds, I'll be OK with it.

Seems like it would require a lot of equipment setup.

Yvette said...

Actually that After Party sounds like fun :) not do it more than once fun, but fun.

Teresa said...

150 Squats
2k Row
150 Squats

Now I see why everyone was so sore on Tuesday and Wednesday! That was a leg burner.

Steve H said...

Athlete - WOD 1 time/ Bonus Xmas WOD time!

Excellent work today folks. Happy Holidays to all!

Guest from Wind City CF - Too fast to post!
Guest from DC CF - Too fast to post!
M. Sullivan - 6:57/10:41
V. Kurian - 6:25/10:40
A. Shishineh - 4:32/8:38
M. Gross - 5:23/9:50
B. Bush - 4:51/8:38

Steve H said...

5p cont

C. Thomas - 4:49/9:50

skeeler said...


A Fountain 5:51
R Morano 7:21/9:20 (65 lb)
W Willoughby 6:44/8:23
S Rana 6:58
J. Shreder 6:50
S Fountain 8:24 (55 lb)
Y Schreiber 6:44/830 (65 lb)
Kim 8:34/10:35(no box jump, 55 lb, 10-lb wall ball)
M Treas 8:39 (50 single-unders)/12:33 (75 lb/14 lb/24")
Forrest W 7:??/9:13

Hoi_Yee said...

NWC: 6:28