Monday 6/27/11




Thrusters (95/ 65#)
Pull-Up s

Compare to 10/8/10

Awesome thanks to Jeremy Mullins for coming out and discussing Nutrition with us for the day!


Sarah said...

Hey, this Friday after open gym, does anybody want to go out for dinner/beer to kick off the holiday weekend?

Kim said...

the seminar from jeremy was very informative and motivating. i've learned a lot about nutriton from evan and mandi, and it was great to understand the "why" behind what works and other ways of getting there. now to PRE-plan my journal. wish me luck! :)

RachelRose said...

Sarah I'm in. Kim good luck, write down every little morsel!! And get a subscription to the CrossFit Journal if you don't have it yet, there is a ton of inspiration there as well. Terrific pic of you all at the seminar!!

Teresa said...

Elizabeth 8:15 (25#, blue/green)
Sheila 9:58 (21-15, 45#, blue)

Great job this morning, ladies. First time for "Fran" and you kept the intensity high.

Elizabeth, way to hang in there and push yourself.

Sheila, you are a beast. The Columbia Triathlon on Sunday, and Fran on Monday??? Thanks for coming out and giving it your all.

Mandi said...

Sarah, that is a great idea. Count me in! Where should we go?

Kim, you can do it!

Sheila, how did it did you do....what was your was the swim?!?!?! Give us all the nitty gritty details.

Sheila said...

Thanks Teresa and Mandi! I tried today! I was feeling pretty good this morning and thought that I could do the WOD today. However, once I started, my legs muscles said "no way, jose!" I couldn't stop them from shaking uncontrollably!

Anyway, yes, I finished my first Tri! I bawled at the finish line - not believing that I did it. With the swim - I panicked! But...I didn't swallow any water, I didn't hold on to the kayak (for rest) - just alternated between various strokes. The first 2 miles out on the bike was tough - had to get my legs back. But I didn't walk any of the hills! Overall, I completed it in 2:46:53 (course record was set yesterday at 1:27:31, last athlete completed in 3:43:32). I placed 6th in my division (I was aiming for 3rd, but oh well, there is my next one in 55 days!!!). I have LOTS of work to do! Bring it!

Teresa said...

Sarah, count me in as well. :)

Mandi said...

Sheila, Congrats! It sounds like you did really well. What is the event in 55 days?

RachelRose said...

Sheila awesome job!! You kick butt!!

Evan said...

5:00 pm

Teresa 3:56 GR!!!
Susan 4:55 (Front Sqt.)
Mike G 6:23
Mandi 6:24 (45#)
Dan H 8:04 load PR!
Matt 8:48 PR!!
Kevin 9:31 (65#, Blue-J.Pu)
Sujata 10:40 (55#, Red)

Mandi said...

Luke 3:46 PR GR!
T 4:11 PR
Evan 4:45 (15,12,9)
Hoi Yee 5:04 (#45)
Shannon 6:56 (#45 rom, red)
Donte 7:17 (#75)
Jeff 8:26 (#55, 1/2 blue band)
Chris 8:50 (#75)
Jesse S 8:54 (#75)
Jay 9:02 (#35 to bench, BR)
Mike T 9:30 (#65,red)
Jason H 10:14 (red)

Evan said...

Evan - 4:45 (15/12/9) Incomplete ROM

T said...

7 PM
Kim 6:29 (35#, prpl)
Katie 6:59 (27#, jump pu)
Sarah 10:11 PR@RX!!
Rachel M 11:10 (prpl) PR!

Sheila said...

In 55 days (8-21-11) is my next Tri (last one for this year). The good thing is... it is the EXACT same course as what I just did yesterday so I will be able to compare "apples to apples" (for my times).

Matt said...

Last night Mandi reminded me how awful my first Fran was. I was also curious to see what my progress looked like.

Tuesday 6/2/09
79% Load (75# m)
Matt - 14:49 (Green & Black Bands + Jumping Pull-Ups)

Tuesday 6/30/09
Black Band
Matt - 7:40 (65#)

Monday 9/28/09
Matt (95#) blue band: 10:45

Tuesday 2/23/10
Matt 10:19 red

Monday 6/27/11
Matt 8:48 PR!!

Thanks for 2 great years (and counting) of training!

Matt said...

Here's a thought, maybe we can try it some open gym night in the future. Crossfit Birthday WOD.

You re-do your first crossfit WOD, however long ago it was and then score by % improvement. Maybe you would need to include years since the first WOD in the formula too. So that a 2 month crossfitter could compete with a 2 year crossfitter.

RachelRose said...

Matt, thanks for your post with your Fran's, it gives me hope! :)

Matt said...

Glad to help!

I think as of now my time won't get much better until I can connect more pull-ups in a row. The kip - hang - kip - hang is too slow. And hanging wears your grip out almost as much as pulling.

RachelRose said...

Matt, maybe you can try the butterfly style to connect them... ?

Mandi said...

Way to go Matt! I glad you felt my comment was to acknowledge your progress. You are awesome.