Wednesday 10/12/11



Overhead Squat


Compare to 9/13/11 or 1/31/11

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Jason said...


Jay said...

Way to go Bobby - now we know T's secret - he levitates!

Steve H said...

Rachel, I'd like to have a set of parallettes made. Should be there to help on Sunday the 16th @ 1pm.

RachelRose said...

Awesome Steve!

Evan said...

The vignette in the lighting is perfect. Did that happen naturally in the lens?

I think it's photographic evidence of T "the terminator"'s radioactive core.

Sujata said...

Rachel, Sign me up for a pair of parallettes! I'm still figuring out my schedule but should be able to make it.

Sujata said...

With the nutritional challenge about to kick off next week, I thought I'd share this primer on traditional foods which comes from a non-zone, non-paleo perspective which is very helpful in understanding and appreciating the quality of food that we should be eating:

Bobby said...

I wish I could say the vignette was naturally surrounding T, but no it was just my photoshopping. I'm sure he still has a radioactive core, though.

RachelRose said...

Awesome Sujata, woo hoo!

T said...

Chris 145x3, 150x2, 165x1
T 215x3 PR! (7@BW, PR!)
Mike T 85 PR!
Cami 60, 65x1
Josh 85, 95x2
Jason H. 145, 150x2 (DPR!)
Jay 105 PR! (front squat 19" bench)
Kim 70
Susan 140 (8@BW, PR!)

DPR == Doubling of Personal Record!!!

T said...

Rachel M 95 PR!
Matt S. 187.5 PR!
Teresa 153 PR! (16@BW, PR!)
Sean 75
Dan H 140x3 PR, 145x1 PR!
AJS 145x3 PR! (6@BW, PR!)
Vinu 145 (30lb PR!)
Kevin 120 PR!

Mandi said...

I will be there at 1pm as well!........It is Rachel's Birthday :)