Thursday 10/13/11



Three round for time of:
6 Muscle-ups
30 Wallball shots (#20/#14)
12 Handstand push-ups
15 Power Cleans, (#135/#95)

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Special Events
Crossfit Diesel's first ever Nutrition Challenge will begin on Monday 10/17/11! Information and registration is posted on the bulletin board. Sign up this week.
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skeeler said...

This looks like a tough one.

RachelRose said...

Okay, so far these are the lucky folks who will have their very own set of parallettes Sunday (as if a nutrition challenge just wasn't enough fun!):

AJ (2 sets)
Mike T. (a taller set)
Chris (Chris is a maybe :) )
me (2 sets)

Who else would like a set?

Check out the CF Journal article if you'd like to inform your decision (there is a list of exercises you can do with them on page 4).
If the link does not work just google 'crossfit journal parallettes'.

We'll be making them around 1pm, they take about an hour to make, and the cost is $10.

Rachel said...

Count me in for Parallettes as well... I'll see you Sunday!

Rachel L.

Evan said...

7:00 AM

AJ 20:34
Whitney 20:57 (Red MU, Ab+10# plate)
Sujata 23:54 (B.Row MU, 10# WB, 1-arm 20# BD, 65# PC)
Hilary 29:50 (B.Row MU/ PU, 14-10# WB, 15# DB Press, 75# PC)
Dipti 25:?? (B.Row/ Knee PU, 15 WB @ 10# to 6', Wall climb, 35# PC)

Mandi said...

I will be there at 1pm as well!

Mandi said...

Amy R would like a set of parallettes as well. Not sure if she will be able to make it though as she is recovering from being sick.

RachelRose said...

Sounds good! :) Yes, anyone else who would like a set but cannot come on Sunday that's okay we'll make a set for you :)

jshish8 said...

will there be a WOD on Sunday to accompany the build party?

Mandi said...

Build parallettss for time :)
Why not. Who is going to create a WOD?

Sujata said...

The WOD should be done after the build - as a way to test the itegrity of our parallettes! Though we could have a team WOD for the "build parallettes for time" WOD....!

RachelRose said...

I could create a WOD but something tells me ya'all wouldn't want that.

RachelRose said...

I think a team WOD using the parallettes, yolk walk (in honor of Teresa's awesomeness), and burpees (yay!) would be fun.

Dan Hook said...

So it looks like the yokes at beast of the east were about ten feet tall...

Oh, and pvc cement takes 24 hours to cure, so if you're planning on immediately testing the structural integrity of the parallettes, they will probably fail.

Mandi said...

5:00 PM

Teresa 20:46 (10' target)
Mike G 22:55
Steve H 25:39
Mike S 29:50 (abmat)
Dan H 28:20 (MU-Red, abmat)
Mandi 24:56 (Red, Press 15#Db, 85#)
Rachel M 23:50 (B.row, Purple Dip,1.5 abmat, 85#)
Josh 27:29 (B.Row / dip, in P.Up, 115# )
Sean - No Data (B.Row, Inc. P.Up, 105#)

Mandi said...

6:00 PM

Jason S 27:37 (red)
Yvette 27:50 (green, WB 10', abmat)
Donte 27:37 (B.Row/ Dip, 2 abmat)
Kim 21:51 (green, 10# WB, 2 abmat, 65#)
Jesse S 24:47 (Blue, 30# DB Press)
Cami 19:20 (10# WB, B.Row/ knee, 3 abmat, 60#)

Mandi said...

Press 1-1-1
Push-up 3-3-3
Push Jerk 5-5-5

Tony 83/83/63
Pallav 73/83/63

Mandi said...

Ian A. no data

RachelRose said...

Dan you are wise beyond your years.

Dan Hook said...

I'm actually just older than I look.