Tuesday 9/27/11



100 Pull Ups
100 Push-Ups
100 Sit-Ups
100 Squats

Compare to 7/13/10

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We still need volunteers for the 5ton5k!
Please contact Mandi or Evan for more information.


Sujata said...

Have not seen or done this in a long while!You can't partition this WOD, right? You have to suffer the 100 pull ups before moving onto more fun stuff....

jshish8 said...

Sujata, you are correct, all pull-ups must be completed before moving on to the push-ups, etc.

Evan said...

Rachel M,

As to your century question from the other day, Maybe see if it gets any legs over at our Facebook page. The gym uses comments the most, but there are allot of gym and non gym menders over there.

Maybe you'll hit a bigger recruiting pool?

RachelRose said...

Thanks Evan! :)

Evan said...

7:00 Rookies WOD 2

Rachel M 6+10 (53#)
Sean 5+10 (53)
Pallav 3+60 (53-Russian)
Dipti 5+14 (26-18/ 10 WB to 8')
Shilpa 6+5 (26 / 10# WB to 6' ROM)

Evan said...

5:00 PM

Teresa 14:51 GR!
Mike G 15:55 PR/ GR!
AJ 17:51 PR!
Steve H 21:06 PR!
Mike S 21:21 PR!
Jim 25:51
Dan H 29:48 PR!
Luke 20:21 (90 Deg. PU)
Mel 23:47 (Blue, G.S)
Matt S 27:37 (62 PU)

Teresa said...

T 24:00 :( [No need for frown here...push-ups looked amazing!]
Josh 35:37
Kevin 34:27 (75 Pull-ups)

Kim 35:37
Yvette 31:43 (75 Pull-ups due to ripped hands)
Rachel M. 32:14 (red, strict knee PUs) PR!
Hurricane Irene 28:07 (JPU, Knee PUs)

So happy to see Diesel standards upheld. You guys did awesome.

Kim, so proud of you for sticking through to the end to finish this Rx'd. I knew you could do it!

T said...

Amy 32:36 (green/box PullUp, kneePushUp)
Sarah 36:40 RX!

Great Job night crew! Way to push through tonight!!

Sarah said...

I may have done 110 pushups and 110 squats...my counting skills degrade as the wod goes on.

Cohee6 said...

Done over the weekend
28:48 (Rx)