Monday 9/26/11



Squat Snatch

Compare to 9/9/11

(Post loads to comments)

We still need volunteers for the 5ton5k!
Please contact Mandi or Evan for more information.


skeeler said...

Cool. I need to work on my snatches.

Dan Hook said...

Who doesn't?

We've done so much overhead work in the past few weeks, I'm hoping to see some improvement.

Teresa said...

Hil 70# PR!
Rachel 65# (Muscle Snatch + OHS)

RachelRose said...
by chance would anyone be interested....?

Evan said...


Ian R 175
Matt 160
Jim 145 PR!
AJ 140 PR!
Dan H 125 tie PR (better virtuosity)

Teresa 110.5
Yvette 87 PR!

Evan said...

6:00 pm

Tyler 197.5 PR/ GR!
Steve 160
Chris 135 PR!
Mike T 95 PR!

MOD PC to Front Squat (16" Box)
Jay 90 PR!

jshish8 said...

Is there anyway to get the Rookie WOD for tomorrow? The AM WOD may be my only option...

T said...

Evan 162.5
Josh 85
Mark G 100
Sarah T 77.5