Monday 8/1/11


Team Event #5 "Killer Kage" (modified)

Each team member completes for time (teams of ~4):

20 Shoulder to overhead (135/95lbs)
20 Box jump (24"/20")
50 foot Kage traverse
50 Double-unders
Row 500 meters
Row 500 meters
50 Double-unders
50 foot Kage traverse
20 Box jump (24"/20")
20 Shoulder to overhead (135/95lbs)

Logistics to be explained in class.

Rich Froning
& Annie Thorisdottir
2011 CrossFit Games Winners

TIME CHANGE: Monday's AM class will now be offered at 7:00 AM
Starting 8/1/11


RachelRose said...

Yay 7am!! Thank you Team Diesel :)

Sujata said...

Hey Rachel,do you want to team up for the 7am class??

RachelRose said...

Yeah Sujata! Kim should be there with us too :)

Evan said...

7:00 am

Rachel M, Kim, & Sujata
29:15 (65#, 25# DB, 55# 25 DU)

Hilary said...

I didn't know there was a 7am class on Mondays! I woulda come...

RachelRose said...

Hilary it just started today, woo hoo!

Hilary said...

Ah, I didn't see the GIANT BLUE LETTERS announcing it. That's thanks to my ADD... So, no 10am class today? Erg.. rats.

Sujata said...

Sorry to miss you this morning Hilary but we can hope for another team WOD next Monday am maybe!

Hilary said...

Oh yeah, I will do that class from now on. I wish there were a 7am WOD every day. HINT HINT *ahemcoughEVANhackwhease* ;)

Hilary said...

Wellll since I can't come this evening, I will do the WOD from 7/20 here at home today then. I think I have all the gear I need...

jshish8 said...

Didn't see this until I got to work this morning...I'll be there next week for sure.

Mandi said...


Mike G, Jess S, Kevin F
Rx'd, 95, 95

Dan H, Matt, Ian 2
Some Scales

A.J., Steve, Jeff S.
95#, 30", Du/Su

Evan said...


TIE 33:55

Hoi Yee, Mandi, Susan, Rachel L

Tyler, Jason H, Mike T, Josh 2
135, 95, 95, 135

Matt said...

Note to self, my I did 100 SU's for the back end of this WOD.

T said...

Whitney "Army of One!" 27:12 (75#) 6 Min between front and back 9.