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For all the new Diesel Baby's out there!
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Mandi said...

Mid-Atlantic Regionals June 3-5
George Mason University Field House
4501 University Dr.
Fairfax, Virginia 22030

Teresa finished 1st in her heat on WOD1!!!
The times that she is going tomorrow have not been posted yet, but chances are she will either be in the 1st or 2nd heat. I am planning to show up for the 10:30 time. Will keep you posted.

WOD 3: Saturday 10:30-10:45 or 10:45-11:00(Box Jump/DL)
WOD 4: Saturday 2:50-3:20 or 3:20-3:50 (PU/KBS/DUs/OHS)

Teresa said...
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Teresa said...

I got the schedule emailed to me. I will be in heat 2 for WOD 3 and 4. If anyone is planning on coming on Sunday, it should be a great time, but I likely won't be performing. They are cutting to the top 14 after Saturday's WODs. Just want to give you all a heads up. Thanks for all the support guys. It means a lot.

Cain said...

Rock the house Teresa!!!!

RachelRose said...

Tear it up Teresa!

Evan said...

Saturday Studs!

Jamison 190 PR!
Dan H 165 PR!
Ben S 165 PR!
Susan 122.5 PR!
Kim 75 (80x2)

Evan said...

Rookies WOD 5.5 - "Elizabeth"

Anansa 10:02 (25#, K.Pu+2 abmat)
Katie 11:37 (35# 16" box, blue-K.Pu)
Kevin 11:45 (55#, LtG-Red)
Hilary 12:15 (55-35#, K.Pu-TriDip)