Friday 6/3/11



1 round for time:
500 Meter Row
50 Wallball shots (#20/#14)
400 Meter Run
40 Knee to Elbow

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Teresa said...

Thanks so much for the good luck wishes guys. Please disregard the Saturday times that were posted. Just got an email from the coordinator. They are now assigning Saturday's heats according to the finishes on Friday's WODs.

Rachel said...

Good luck Teresa! I'll be down on Saturday and Sunday to cheer you on!

T said...

T2! You are going to rock! HY and I will most likely be swinging down Saturday. Good luck tomorrow!!

Sujata said...

Good luck Teresa!

Mandi said...

Here are the spectator Ticket Prices for this weekends Regionals:
$25 3 day per person
$10 1 day per person
Kids 12 and under are free

Teresa's schedule will most likely change for the Saturday WOD's. They are only have the top 14 competitors participate on Sunday. We will keep you posted.

Good Luck Teresa....YOU CAN DO IT :)

Mandi said...

Mandi 15:50

Mandi said...

KtoE = Knee to Elbow
KtoA = Knee to Armpit
HkR = High Knee Raise
KR = Knee Raise

Ben 9:51 (#15, 1/2 KtoA, 1/2 KtoE)
Dan 10:30
Hoi Yee 10:41 (#10, 500mx2, KtoA)
Kim 14:46 (#10)
Michael G 9:29
Shannon 12:58 (#10, 1/2 HkR)

Donte 11:47 (HkR)
Jamison 10:55
Jay 17:36 (#10rom, KR)
Jim 11:11 (HkR)
Jesse S 12:40
Jesse W 9:24 (2nd time 12:39)
Kassim 12:42
Luke 10:01
Rachel M 12:02 (HkR)
Sujata 13:30 (#10, KtoA)
T 9:44