Friday 7/1/11





Compare to 8/4/10

*Friday - Team WOD at 7pm (during open-gym) followed by a social at Union Jacks. Come out and join the fun!
There is no Cover Charge, but you might want to wear your "nice" work-out clothes or plan on changing (the lady on the phone said no sweat pants, sweat shirts or hoodies???).

* We will be having one class on Monday the 4th of July! All other classes will be canceled.
-11am WOD
-12pm Potluck


Evan said...

10:00 am

Chris 335/250, 355/215, 365 PR!!/185
Ben S 220/175, 230/155Br, 250/135Br, 265 PR!!

Teresa 235/185, :(/165, 235/145
Mandi 185/150, 195/130, 205 TiePR/110
Sheila 175/150, 185/130Br, 200PR!!/110 Br

Br = Broken set (resting at the bottom)
... I just didn't have the heart to wright BS for Broken Set

Evan said...

Recommended % for today's WOD are on the Dry Erase board.

For athletes with chronic "Cat Back" (you know who you are) DO NOT attempt the 10, 20, & 30 portions of today's WOD.

Instead: Super Strict Reps
3/2/1 sec (ecc./con./pause)
These are 6 second reps.
Go to MMF: Momentary Muscle Failure
defined as not being able to execute reps to tempo or ROM
ROM is intentionally limited to:
System always loaded
Never touch the floor (Romanian)
Never lock-out the lift (keep joints bent to keep the system loaded)

skeeler said...

Will you guys have your grill available for the July 4th potluck, or should we show up with food already prepared.

You may enjoy Alison's response to hearing about this event: "What do you take to a potluck with people who don't eat anything good?"

Hoi_Yee said...

folks should check out this new webzine... seems to have some decent articles...

Hoi_Yee said...

whoops, that was T, Hoi Yee is logged into my computer right now...

Evan said...

The Gill will be up and blazing :)

Mandi said...

Dan H. 335/260-355/225-x/185
Jason H. 225/185-245/155-265/135
Kevin 235/175-235/155PR-240PR/x
Michael G. 305/225-318/185-x/135

Mandi said...

Evan 305/230-315/205-325/175
Rachel L 200/175-230/155(x16)-x/x
Rachel M 175/140-185/125-200PR/100
Sarah 200/165-210/130-210/95br
Susan 260/210-270/185br-280/155br

Teresa said...

Open Gym Team WOD
Keith & Teresa
Fight Gone Nasty: 1329
Push-Up/Run: 202

You kicked ass today Keith! Proud to have you for my partner. :)

Evan said...

Wow - Post Pub posting of data.

That is the new definition of dedication!

Sarah said...

Push up/run team Sarah & Yvette: 120
Don't remember our fight gone nasty score

Yvette said...

Sarah & Yvette: Fight gone Nasty 3,300(scaled muscle ups and cleans)