Thursday 5/5/11


Pre-WOD Quiz

3 Minute Box Jump (24/ 20")
Psst! It's on the Aerobic Fitness Leader Board


Run or Row 5 K

Cinco Kilometers por el Cinco de Mayo !!!

And, the much awaited Score Charts for the "How Fit Are You?" Testing (Mens & Womens) by Glassman/ Davidson

CF Diesel-Glassman's (How Fit Are You)


Sujata said...

That's so funny...I was just pointing out the "3 minute box jump" to Teresa today...looking forward to this but not sure that I want to run 5 K afterwards!

K said...

So... I'm running a 5K this weekend. I'm subbing the Deadlift+HSPU WOD, if that's all right with Evan/Mandi/Instructor of the day.

Evan said...

Hi Gang!

The WOD should have said "Run or Row 5K". I think I was so distracted with trying to figure out how to embed a PDF into a post, that I accidentally omitted the Rowing option*.

*Limited Rower Availability

Jamison Peter Hibbard said...

Looking at my scoring, it makes me realize how far I have to go to meet crossfit standards. Its not discouraging, it's exciting.

Evan said...

7:00 am

Row 5K

Jesse W. 19:45
Evan 21:27

Evan said...

Hi Keith,
If your coming in today, be ready to Run or Row. Sorry if that is inconvenient :( Alternatively, you could take a rest day, maybe?

Sujata said...

Evan, now that you've done all calculations/scoring system, could we perhaps have the tests every few months? As Jamison says, it's exciting to think that we could feasibly score more points (slowly with time...!)

joshsna said...

A-a-a-r-r-g-g-h-h-!! I would have rowed!

joshsna said...

Sorry - joshsna is Jay (grandson Josh calls me Na. When I set up the Google account it asked for a display name - I said Jay... go figure. Working out tomorrow no matter what!

Evan said...


Row 5K

Ben S 20:41
Jason H 20:57

Evan said...

6:00 PM

Row 5K

Hoi Yee 24:45

Run 5K

Mike G 22:00
Tyler 24:35
Rachel 25:02
Mandi 27:55
Sujata 30:19

T said...

Teresa 21:43
Sarah 34:10
Luke ????

Mandi said...

Brian 121 box jump

T said...

Well, I had the record for a good 12 hours I guess :)

Bobby said...

Bobby 19:39 (ran FDA's White Oak Classic 5k at lunch today)